Underworld Blossom | Onmyoji

Underworld Blossom is the current event in Onmyoji featuring SP Nightveil Higanbana.

Activities include: Seek the Beauty, Earthly Dream, Withered Dream and Underworld Arena. Story and Shop can be accessed in the bottom right corner.

The currency used for this event is Flower Candle and Odokuro’s Letter. Both can be used at the shop. Odokuro’s Letter can be used to purchase Blade of Loyalty which grants bonus effects in the Earthly Dream.

Blade of Loyalty increases your stats (CRT, SPD, etc.)

Seek the Beauty

When you first access the event, you are presented with Seek the Beauty, an incomplete puzzle board and the first puzzle piece is placed for you.  You have 13 days to complete the event. You will need to collect Nether Butterflies for this activity. Each Nether Butterfly is equal to a puzzle piece and is placed automatically on the board when you select Seek the Beauty.

You can obtain 6 Nether Butterflies daily from Earthly Dream but they will be available for purchase in the shop after February 16.

As you complete the puzzle, new story tidbits will unlock.

Earthly Dream

Earthly Dream presents with a board-style  game. Click on the Periapts(Amulet) on the bottom right corner to start your journey. There are two variants: Periapts: Strayed to explore and move to random blocks and Periapts: Guided to move to specific blocks.

Once the Onmyoji advances forward, you’ll have to challenge an enemy either as a team or solo. The stamina cost for either is 3. Victory will grant you rewards such as Flower Candle and Odokuro’s Letter as well as Souls. When you defeat an enemy, their grade increases.

The final reward at the end of the path will grant you a generous amount of Flower Candles, Odokuro’s Letter and Nether Butterflies.

Once you complete Earthly Dream 1, you will advance to the 2nd Dream and a new story will unlock. There are 14 dreams in total. A shop level unlocks every 7 dreams.

Kamaitachi will appear either in front of you (to steal the prize) or behind you (gives up currency).

If Kamaitachi becomes a problem, use your 3 daily Periapts: Guided to avoid him.

Periapts: Strayed replenishes at midnight (25 in total).

Periapts: Guided can only be used daily. It is a set of 3 amulets each consisting of their corresponding spaces forward I(1 block) II(2 blocks) and III(3 blocks).

Some rewards are Jade traps such as the Dream Choice and the rewards cost Jade. It is advised to skip.

If you land on a number, it's considered a 'safe' spot and you will either get lucky and advance multiple spaces forward or you'll be forced to roll again.

Withered Dream

Withered Dream uses its own Periapts, both strayed and guided and they reset with every challenge. Along the way, you can pick up buffs and they are only valid for the duration of the current challenge. Like Earthly Dream, it follows the board game style with the exception of Kamaitachi.

You are safe from battle if you land or a number or reward but landing on an X will give you a battle to face. At the end of your journey, you’ll face Odokuro and your ranking will be based on the score you achieve. The bonuses you have accumulated for the current challenge will be shown here.

Underworld Arena

PVP. Test your skills against other players to receive rich rewards.

Story & Shop

Story can be reviewed by clicking the Story icon. Happenings contains the log of the event while Main Story are the pieces of lore collected from finishing an Earthly Dream.

The Shop can be accessed the same way.

The featured skin is Sunflower Sensation for Hiyoribo. It is adorable and very well-made. It can be found in the Last Dream (3rd Shop level) and costs 500,000 Flower Candle.

Final Thoughts

It is a pretty passive event but tedious.  Not only do you have to fight enemies at almost every turn but introducing Kamaitachi to steal hard-earned rewards was an absolute cheap move. It just made the dungeons tense and unpleasant. I suggest you reserve your Jade. It’s not worth chasing after Kamaitachi using Periapts: Guided once he gets ahead of you. He will, however, stop at the end of the dungeon where you can fight him and reclaim your rewards.