Summer Journey | Onmyoji

Summer Journey | Onmyoji

The latest event from Onmyoji features Summer Journey, a rather passive and casual event. Summer Journey can be accessed via the paper doll in the courtyard. You must help Seimei navigate the waters to claim rich rewards. This guide only focuses on f2p.


The boat name can be changed via Decor > clicking on the [pencil] icon. Here you may also purchase random decorations for the Hull, Oars and Seat. Each costs 20 Jade and will grant you a small bonus.

Rewards can be claimed in the Summer Journey event.

Further progression can be made every day by feeding Seimei or getting nudged by friends.

Log should be checked for Encounters as it will also grant you rewards. Sailed shows you with friends helped you progress.

Nudging friends will grant you rewards but keep in mind that you have limited daily attempts.


There are two ways to acquire food. Gift of Talisman which requires you to earn 80 Talisman EXP from the Talisman Pass and Gift of Boat where you complete villager quests to get food (Donation, Quiz and Challenge).

Kinki Headwaters

Gift of Boat can be accessed by Get Food icon or by clicking on Kinki Headwaters. Successfully completing all 3 quests will net you (5) Sweet Rice Ball and (5) Sasa-dango.

Repelling Evil: Cleansing Zone

Repelling Evil (also found in Kinki Headwaters) can be challenged with Iris (x3 free) every day and will net you extra food. The point is to eliminate as many Nagas as possible by matching certain colors but I just keep it on auto.

Repelling Evil has two modes: Cleansing and Cooking. The event is still in the cleansing zone until 08/01.

Completing all 3 quests successfully + challenging Repelling Evil typically grants me (in total) (11) Sweet Rice Ball, (14) Sasa-dango and (6) Sushi Roll.

11 Sweet Rice Ball = 22 feet
14 Sasa-dango = 84 feet
6 Sushi Roll= 120 feet

Final Thoughts

It is a simple, straight-forward event that can be passively completed as you tackle dailies or by dedicating a minimal amount of time to the game every day. It keeps things fresh and offers rewards for your efforts.