Summer Funfair | Onmyoji

Summer Funfair | Onmyoji

Onmyoji is having a collaboration event which brings Gudetama and Bad Badtz-Maru as two new pets you can acquire during the event via various event activities. There are also exclusive emojis and illustrations you can purchase. The event duration is until July 20, 2021 so there's plenty of time to participate!

When you first enter the event (which can be accessed via the paper doll in the courtyard). The goal is to get as many Fair Coins as you can to be able to purchase goodies from Fair Stands (The Shop). You will need Fair Tickets to participate in each activity.

You will have several activities to choose from: Ice Candy Castle | Magic Masks | Night Shows | Fun Times

Ice Candy Castle: There are daily and cumulative quests which will net you a fair amount of Fair Coins. Daily Quests are Flowing Noodles, Taiyaki and Plum Wine. Each refresh daily. Taiyaki and Plum Wine will net you 2 Fair Tickets each while Flowing Noodles is dependent upon completion.

Magic Masks: Costs 1 ticket but it’s difficult/time consuming.

Night Shows: Costs 3 Fair Tickets. Easiest. Forget any SP/SSR. The point is to hit everything you see as these give you bonus Fair Coins. Once you gave adopted one or both pets, feel free to focus on SSR/SP. Co-op requires your friend to be online and increases your chances of an SP/SSR showing up.

Fair Stands: To adopt Gudetama or Bad Badtz-Maru, you will need 30 Affection points. Each affection points costs 60 Fair Coins. Once you reach affection: 30 with each pet, you can find them in the courtyard, ready for adoption. Additional Fair Tickets can be purchased for 5 Jade ea. but unless necessary, save your Jade.

Fun Times: This follows the adventures of Kohaku. You need to click through each spot marked in the map to advance. A story unlocks every day. Each story costs 2 Fair Tickets and will net you 161/162 Fair Coins. This can be repeated. First Clear will net you exclusive Gudetama emojis which can be view in the Reward List.

In order to get the final emoji Need a Ride?, you will need to complete all routes of each story.

Upon completion of all routes, the final emoji shows up in your Reward List. It's also worth noting that I tackled them all at once and it netted me 1000 Fair Coins.

Personal Stats

Gudetama: Took me 1 day to reach full affection.

Bad Badtz-Maru: Took me 2 days to reach full affection.

The emojis are really well made. Overall, this event was very cute.