SSR Summoning Event: Merfolk’s Song: Sung Again | Onmyoji

December’s Onmyoji featured SSR Shikigami is Senhime and her CG has been revealed in Illusory Bubbles (which will grant you a mystery ticket for a first-time share)

Chance of summoning an SP/SSR will be 2.5x higher (3x) only

What does this mean for the players that have not completed the SSR collection? After your 3rd SP or SSR summon, your chance of summoning returns to normal which means unless you have collected all SSR, this is a great time to stop pulling tickets.

Every 50 summons, the designated chance of summoning SSR Senhime increases from 4% to a maximum of 20% after the 500th summoning and 30% after the 700th summon.

For the players that have completed the SSR collection, they have an initial 100% chance of summoning Senhime but are guaranteed to get her at the 700th summon.

How did I do on this summoning event?

Initially, I had 80 tickets and I managed to summon SSR Kidomaru, SP Lovebound Kiyohime, SSR Miketsu and SSR Yoto Hime which were all uncollected SSR/SP. On top of that, I summoned many useful SR Shikigami so although I did not get SSR Senhime, I’m pretty satisfied (unlike last event).

If you started with 80-90 tickets like I did, I definitely recommend going for the 100th summon in order to enjoy the benefit of receiving an SR of your choice.