Spiritual Words | Onmyoji

Spiritual Words | Onmyoji

SSR Kotodama is the featured Shikigami for the latest update of the mobile game, Onmyoji. Formless Heart Manifests Nature are the Memory Scrolls, Innocent Vice is the Summoning Event which will run from Apr.26 to May 5 and finally, Spiritual Words is the live event.

To access the event, head to the Courtyard and click on the floating icon above SSR Kotodama's head.

Spiritual Words

The event starts in Spiritual Words where you must work to unlock the truth. The areas you can access are the Debate Hall and Words Search.

Debate Hall

You challenge Hitokotonushi or other players and it costs 8 Sushi. Every time you win, you will receive Truth Gems which can be exchanged for Mantra Chest. Mantra Chests will give you Writing Amulet, Materials, Cyan Imps and G5 souls. The Archive includes Daily Completion and Total Completion. The Library includes a list of Shikigami and their attributes.‌‌

Sea Exploration is where you take control of Kotodama to explore the Sea of Words.  There are different activities here, marked by words (characters) and colors.

  • Walls block passage. This is sort of your guide when exploring the map. They ensure the map doesn't continue infinitely.
  • Tablets are used in deciphering Mural Text puzzles.
  • Challenge monsters (Anomalies) formed from lies to retrieve Lost Words (used in Mural Text puzzles)
  • There are hidden Treasures in the map. Simply activate them when found.
  • Mural Text: The number of murals depends on the chapter but only one is completely translated on the first chapter. You need Tablets to decipher the second one.
  • Redirect the flow of the tides to change the surroundings.

Tower Rush

  • Daily Farming.
  • 50 Picker Pens issued daily. They stack up to 200 but try not to let them stack too much. A friend of mine lost his stack when a previous event we participated in ended earlier.

Spiritual Enhancement

After completing Sea Exploration, you will be given a blessing which can be seen in Spiritual Enhancement. Blessings are unlocked automatically.

Truth Shop

Truth Shop is this event's shop. The shop has 3 levels. Hone Onna's special skin - Dawning Elegy. Notable purchases are up to the player's needs and level but some recommendations:

  • Grade Daruma
  • Skill Daruma and shards
  • EXP Daruma
  • Mystery  Amulets
  • SSR/SP Summon Scroll
  • Jade
  • Realm Cards
  • Cyan Imps and Evo mats.

If you are more interested in aesthetics or have extra currency: Event Skin > Skin Tokens > Event Frames

Collecting Words

Talisman Pass of the event. This can be passively completed as you participate in the event.

History Revisited

Word Realm is where you can reread the event story or Mural Text to see completed murals collected.

Final Thoughts

It seems that Guaranteed SSR/SP Shikigami within 60 summons is here to stay as we also saw it in the previous event. That's an improvement. I received two dupe SSR and my luck was so terrible that I got the Unlucky Streak: Terrible achievement which gave me 3K in Jade. I wasted only 1K to get to the 60th summon and reserved the jade for another event.