Shifting Seasons | Onmyoji

Shifting Seasons | Onmyoji

SSR Shiki is the featured Shikigami for the latest update of the mobile game, Onmyoji. Seasons Change for All Eternity are the Memory Scrolls, Flowing with the Seasons is the Summoning Event which will run from Dec. 21 to Jan. 1 and finally, Shifting Seasons is the live event.

To access the event, head to the Courtyard and click on the floating icon above Shiki's head.

The event starts in Shifting Seasons. Song of the Seasons is the Story, Irregular Forest is Battle, Cycling Seasons is where you can promote Shikigami, Seasons' Rewards is a form of Talisman Pass and Seasons' treasury is this event's shop.

Song of the Seasons (Story)

Song of Seasons is this event's interactive visual novel. Select Nodes (routes) to advance chapters. The story ends when you reach an ending but you can still go back and replay different routes. The story follows a more traditional visual novel style versus just the character avatar with the background behind.

There's an Exploration Progress in each chapter. Entering Nodes will increase the Exploration progress. Fill up Exploration Progress to get Seasonal Sight appearances. There's a wallpaper waiting at the end of each chapter.

All Chapters contains all the chapters for the story, starting with Prelude > Spring > Summer > Fall and Winter. You must complete the previous story before advancing to the next.

Patched Memories (Clues) and Drawings. There are choices you must make and as you complete these nodes, you will unlock other routes. Each time you reach an end, you will unlock a Drawing in Patched Memories. Playing out different story choices will also help you find Clues. You must explore all chapters in order to collect all the Clues and Drawings.

Seasons' End (Finale Battle)

Seasons' End will start on Dec 26 until Jan 1.

  • One solo mode story level will be unlocked Daily.
  • Complete story levels to unlock defense challenges.
  • Dream Shattered
  • Gods Awakened
  • Seasons' Reborn

Irregular Forest (Battle)

There's also some sort of visual novel story here. It is considered the main story of the event, however. Explore the forest and defeat monsters to get Starry Globes. Tap the Globes to activate energy. Activate nearby Globes of the same color for special effects.

Collect Fireflies for Investigations and more powerful monsters.

The first quest is basically a small tutorial that will teach you how to match the Globes. Rewards include Fox, Rabbit  Globe and Divine Fruit.

Challenging Seasonlings will also grant you Morning Dew.

Once you get a Starry Globe, you can commence the Investigation which just means challenging a Deer Seasonling to increase the level of your Investigation. The max level of investigation is Lv.80.

Investigation Level will allow you to discover more powerful Seasonlings. Daily score is calculated at midnight.

Fireflies and Starry Globes accumulate so I suggest just farming as you normally would and challenging Deer Seasonling all at once.

Investigation Record shows the level, lineup and clear time of each Deer Seasonling you've challenged.

Cycling Seasons

Cycling Seasons is where you Equip skills. Tiers are divided by Blossom, Sprouting and Seedling. The skills available initially will be from Seedling which is the lowest tier.

There are 9 slots for skills.

Stat will show your Team Stats Overview.


Here is where you can set any Seasonal Sights you've purchased. It will affect Shifting Seasons or the default area of the event. It is very well made and it was actually a fun little bonus.

Forest Walk

Forest Walk is where you can access the logs for the story. Enken Sights is the main story and Spring's Memo contains the story's lore, Shard stories and backstories.

Seasons' Treasury

The shop has 3 levels. Jinmenju special skin - Moonlight Pine. Notable purchases are up to the player's needs and level but some recommendations:

  • Grade Daruma
  • Skill Daruma and shards
  • EXP Daruma
  • Mystery ¬†Amulets
  • SSR/SP Summon Scroll
  • Jade
  • Realm Cards
  • Cyan Imps and Evo mats.

If you are more interested in aesthetics or have extra currency:- Event Skin- Skin Tokens- Event Frames

Final Thoughts

This event was a bit complex on the surface but I got everything I wanted from the shop in 2 days of farming.

No luck with the Summoning event this time.

The camera feature is a welcome addition but I wish there was an option to share to phone, not just social media.

There's an icon to hide all distractions.

Very interactive and packed with lore. Visuals are not one dimension and different scenes are offered in Song of Seasons. One complain I do hold, however, is that the dialogue in Song of Seasons kept getting cut off by iPhone's gesture bar. This wasn't present in Irregular Forest.