Kumamon Souvenir | Onmyoji

Event duration: After maintenance on November 18 - November 24 at 23:59

The event can be accessed via the paper doll in the courtyard along with the other events.

All the information recorded here is from my own gameplay and observations.

Special Chat Rewards

For special rewards, type (in the world chat):

Kumamoto Ramen gives you a feast card

Yamaga Lantern gives you a Blessing Daruma

Statue of Musashi Miyamoto gives you a Grade 5 Cyan Imp

Isshingyo Sakura Tree gives you 5 Sakuramochi

Kumamoto Shodai ware gives you 50,000 Coins

It might be daunting at first but you will see everyone typing these phrases in the chat for special rewards. A mini dialogue scene will take place every time you type a new phrase. To my understanding, it only works once.

Type exactly as shown. For example, typing Kumamoto Shodai Ware will net you no rewards simply because the final word needs to be lowercase.

Your Store

Your store can only contain 1-4 characters. At least, this is the case for iOS and Steam users. There's no restriction in language. I was able to use Japanese characters for my store.

It's a simple enough mechanism. You fulfill orders in order to increase the level of your store and get rewards.

Important Pointers!

You can help 3 friends fulfill orders and request from 3 friends to help you complete orders every day.

You will get 15+ Prosperity points for you and your friend if you complete the order in the allotted time.

You will receive +30 Prosperity Points for any orders you complete yourself. You can only complete 10 orders every day.

Please note, you only have 60 minutes to complete any orders entrusted to you by friends and vice versa.

. . . Before jumping in to be a good Samaritan, let's talk about the material cap.

Material Cap

There's a cap on all materials, which can be seen in Today's Yield once you click on an item received. The material cap is the following:

Yamaga Lantern: 20
Statue of Musashi Miyamoto: 10
Kumamoto Shodai ware: 20
Kumamoto Ramen: 20
Isshingyo Sakura Tree: 10

Try to fulfill your own orders before assisting any friends or you will find yourself with a list of incomplete orders. All material cap resets at the start of a new day.

Any material not used when completing an order carries over to the next day. Inventory can be accessed from your store > Goods

So where can you find the materials for your store?

Materials can be acquired from many different zones. Team up to save on AP and activate bonuses to receive more materials.

  • Exploration zones
  • Evo zones
  • Soul zones (excludes Sougenbi)
  • Realm Raids (including Guild Ream Raids)

Please, note: If you already own a pet Kumamon, you will receive a Specialty Item from Kumamon every day.

Store Rewards

  1. 30 AP

2. Kumamon: Yawn - Grants Kumamon's animated emoji Kumamon: Yawn.

3. 30 AP

4. Kumamon: Peek - Grants Kumamon's animated emoji Kumamon: Peek

5. 30 AP

6. Kumamon: Like - Grants Kumamon's animated emoji Kumamon: Like

7. 30 AP

8. Kumamon: Amulet - Grants Kumamon's animated emoji Kumamon: Amulet

9. 30 AP

10. Cute Visitor

11. 30 AP

12. Mystery Amulet

Personal Progress:

Day 1: Only 8 orders completed. Reached lv.2

Day 2: 10 orders completed. Reached lv.5

Day 3: 10 orders were completed. Reached lv.9

Day 4: Reached max level before completing all 10 orders.


This was a very easy to complete event with flexible requirements.