Karma Duet | Onmyoji

Karma Duet | Onmyoji

Karma Duet features the newest Shikigami SP Void Menreiki. The story starts with Seimei investigating the Play of Carnage; a sinister game orchestrated by a monster in which participants are forced to wear masks and slaughter each other. Only the last one standing is allowed to leave the mansion.


Dawn Tiara: This is the currency used at the shop.

The Endless Room

To enter the Endless Room, you will need Dusk Tiara which replenishes daily or can be purchased from the shop. Empty Masks provide a bonus.

The strategy here is simple. You need to advance further than Menreiki to escape. Anything less than 10ft and you risk getting caught. Layers are the difficulty of the battle, ranging from 1 to 10. New levels of difficulty or layers can be unlocked by finishing the boss battle in 10 turns or less.

Take advantage of the Shikigami Assist feature which allows you to pick any OP support without limits.

Exploration Rewards: These are server-dependent.

Layer:4 seems to be the sweet spot for me, allowing me to reap rewards and still defeat the boss in 10 turns or less.

The Looping Realm

A Door Key (or 20 Sushi) is needed to enter the Looping Realm Zone and plenty of luck. At the start of the battle, you are made to select 6 Shikigami (from a random list) in a very PVP-like fashion.

The strategy here is straightforward: help Menreiki escape. There are Battles, Elite Battles, Random Activities and a dedicated Shop.


This is all RGN. No two battles are the same and luck/strategy must be on your side to triumph. Battles are auto only so you have no control of what skills your Shikigami will use.

While your setup might be less than desirable at the beginning, you do get the option to acquire new Shikigami after the battle ends or through Random Activities.

If you are not convinced by the list of Shikigami offered, just back out and select currency or a blessing instead.

Revivals are preferred as defeat means the loss of all your hard-earned Shikigami (+ any Evolution EX). Evolution EX can still be encountered through Random Activities and should be performed without hesitation.

Save and Quit will allow you to begin the loop with your current party.

Elite Battles should only be attempted if you have a strong setup as one wrong move will make you forfeit the challenge.

Random Activities can provide a free Evolution EX or sacrifice one Shikigami for another. It is important to pay attention here.