Kaguya's Gratitude | Onmyoji

Kaguya's Gratitude is a new wishing/lottery event lasting 13 days.

First, you can access Kaguya’s Gratitude through the paper doll in the courtyard.

Click on the lantern to select your prizes. There are only six slots and the rewards you choose can not be changed until the next round so choose carefully.

There are a few pointers worth noting:

You are guaranteed to get the prizes you chose for this round and the prizes vary from Mystery Amulets, Jade, Coin, AP, Skill Daruma shards, etc.

Kaguya will light up a lantern for each Tsukimi-dango you gift her and will grant you a reward from the pool. When all the lanterns have been lit up, the round starts again and you must customize your prizes once more.


Tsukimi-dango can be acquired with S-Jade, Demon Encounter Bosses or completing quests from the Talisman Pass (100 points)

Since I already complete Demon Encounter and Talisman Pass daily, it was relatively simple for me to obtain 2 Tsukimi-dango.

Fragrant Pouches

Fragrant Pouches are used to purchase rewards from the Moonlit Grove and can be acquired after all 24 lanterns are lit (1 round)


Since this event requires no resources other than those typically allotted to the maintenance of the game, there’s no reason as to why a player shouldn’t participate in the event or at the very least— try to complete the first round.