Kagome’s Song | Onmyoji

Kagome's Song is a passive event with a final reward for Menreiki's skin: Kagome.

It is relatively straightforward. You must complete daily quests from the Talisman Pass and get 100 points every day for the duration of seven days.

Every 100 points, you can claim a treasure chest and a piece of story reveals itself.

Click Kagome to check out snippets of story.

Below, I've included an excerpt of the one story I found most interesting.

Moonlit Sky

The dolls start to circle me.  They wear my masks and are singing the children's song in a high, clear voices.

"Caged bird, caged bird"


I know the lyrics well enough, but the dolls don't seem to have had enough of the fun.  I play the role of a caged bird day in and day out.  I have no one to replace me.

Until one day, she appeared.

We always talk to each other in a pitch black darkness.  She sees my as her best friend.  I gave her my favorite Eijimen and we agreed on a time for our next meeting.

"I want to have a go .. to see what it feels like to be the caged bird."

On the day we agreed upon, the doll that represents the night lights the lantern.  My friend doesn't show up.  The dolls keep singing the song, going round and around in circles.  As their voices die down, when the game is nearly over, I hear a voice I know very well whispering in my ear.

"I’m the one who's behind you!"

Overjoyed, I turn around and fall back into the bottomless darkness again.