Hunting Show | Onmyoji

Hunting Show | Onmyoji

Bedlam City is where you will spend most of your time, exploring the various cities. The battles aren't particularly strong if you have a decent team already. The endings depend on the choices you make along the way but you still need several reruns to complete all the endings from each city. Notable exploration rewards are Puppet Doll and Bond Shards (character specific) which unlocks that character's story which can be read in the Hunting Log.

Humanoid Points can be attained up to 5 times every day from the Bedlam City Zone. You just need to complete any ending in any zone.

Train is where you can assign Humanoid Points to unlock various professions by increasing Kindness, Wisdom, Power and Courage respectively. Your starter profession is Wanderer and comes with no notable skills. Each profession comes with their own special skills and increased Spirit Points (SP).

Wanderer: 20 SP - No skills

Swordmaster: 24 SP - Reduces the goal requirement of Power and Courage by 2.

Inquisitor: 28 SP - Reduces the goal requirement of Kindness and Wisdom by 2. Can change the dice result 3 times. (You can add whatever dice roll number you want)

Monster Tamer: 32 SP - Can reroll the dice twice (free). Can return to the last story node 3 times.

You are able to assign additional skill points to a profession such as Inquisitor (K:10 W:10 P:8 C:8) but you can't assign less than the skill points required to unlock it.


Start with the easiest ending first to get your points. You might need to rearrange skill points as you progress.

I used Wanderer and Swordmaster to clear the first city. For the second city, I used Inquisitor. I managed to get all 3 endings from the last city using inquisitor as well. I found Monster Tamer a bit useless compared to Inquisitor's handy use of manipulating dice rolls.

Floating City - 10 points total

Puppet Walkway - 11 points total (you will fail some events but can easily get all the endings if you wasted some days like I did.)

I completely ignored Bedlam Arena which is PvP and mostly automated but still requires some babysitting.

Hunting Path is this event's Talisman Pass which can be passively completed simply by participating in event activities.

Trophy Shop
It was very easy to unlock the shop as it only had one level. Sakura Bell is Oshiroibaba's special skin.

Courtyard Hunt is where you can challenge SP Shura Kidomaru. The challenge is relatively easy but the cost is 8 AP per battle. The first 20 challenges grant additional rewards daily (Hunting Key and Puppet Doll). It's a timed battle. I simply set it to auto. Apart from challenge rewards, there are also Total Damage rewards. Unfortunately, once you've purchased all the Hunter's Chests, you will have to wait for the daily refresh as you won't be getting any more Puppet Dolls.

Final Thoughts

The CG was brutal and the story was well-put together and they finally somewhat improved the dialogue getting blocked by the gesture bar on iOS  which was a massive annoyance. Initially, I thought the story was lackluster but I was taken by surprise by the many twists. Apart from the story, it's a very passive event. The rolling dice aspect of the event was frustrating at best and I had at least 8 bad rolls in a row or perfect rows for the duration of the node. Since there wasn't a limit on how many times you could try, it wasn't that  bad. As for my summoning drought, it finally ended as I received two uncollected: SP Guardian Ubume and SSR Tsukuyomi. Two uncollected Shikigami in one event? That's a miracle for me. I did see that some of my friends were also blessed by Tsukuyomi in this event and if it's a glitch, I wish it happened more often.

I managed to get everything that I needed from the shop and the last few days were spent on the loot boxes.