Heian Food Fest

Heian Food Fest

A new cooking event has taken shape in Onmyoji which features the newest SSR Mishige and Shokurei.

The event can be accessed by clicking on Hiromasa in the courtyard.


Complete challenges in the Market every day. Challenge mode gives you a Flavor Pouch and costs 1 Bento Box. You get 50 a day. Choose your Souls before challenging.

All the work gets done in the Restaurant where you will cook using the flavor pouch. The meal that is being prepared will show in Current Orders. Once the timer is done, you can claim dishes as they come out or all at once. Give each corresponding eatery owner their favorite dish to increase their cooking skill.

Extra Dream Rice Balls will be made with each dish.

Day 1

Completing the mini tutorial will net you 4000 earnings a day.

For now, only Cafeteria and Ramen Eatery are available. Make a batch order(20= 20 flavor pouch) and feed the corresponding owners.

Cafeteria - Dream Rice Balls
Ramen Eatery - Ryomen Ramen

This will unlock 3 more areas. We need to make 1 dish of each to open the new areas.

Treasure Takoyaki - 2 Flavor Pouch
Brothers Teppanyaki - 2 Flavor Pouch
Hell’s Oden - 2 Flavor Pouch

Once all three dishes are prepared, click on Not Yet Open > Here’s Your Order followed by Decor > (+)

Your estimated earnings will be 16,000 a day after opening all three areas.

My suggestion is that you make a batch of Hell’s Oden which gives you 3 extra Dream Rice Balls and feed the Cafeteria owner.

Your estimated earning are now 24,000 a day.

This will unlock all the remaining areas.

If you see a (…) beside an eatery, it means there’s an event.

Day 2

Open the last remaining areas by preparing a dish for each of the corresponding eatery owners.

Seafood Platter - 3 Flavor Pouch
Candy Club - 3 Flavor Pouch
Mt.Oe Wine - 3 Flavor Pouch
Aonomori's Fruit - 3 Flavor Pouch

Your estimated earnings are now 32,000 a day.

I prepared a batch of Candy Club which nets 6 extra Dream Rice Balls and got the Cafeteria to max as well as Candy Shop to level 4.

Estimated earnings are now 62,000 a day.

With extra Dream Rice Balls at hand, you can make use of Food Merchant.

Barter is where you can sell your extra rice balls. The price changes daily. A new decoration will be unlocked every day for purchase. For best prices, it is best to visit friends’ Food Merchant.

Quests will reward you Taiyaki which is necessary to claim rewards in Cat Meal.

Day 3

For day 3, I focused on Candy Club once again and used the extra Dream Rice Balls to max out the Candy Shop. Estimated earnings are now 94,000 a day.

Day 4

The first dish of the day is free so I made Aonomori’s Fruit and a 20x batch of Ryomen’s Ramen which I used on Ramen Eatery (plus additional Dream Rice Balls). Estimated earnings are now 126K. The rest of the Flavor Pouch were used to start increasing the earnings of the Takoyaki Eatery. Estimated earnings are now 156.2K a day.

At this point, I have purchased all the must-haves from the Onmyoji shop so from this point forth, I am simply casually participating.

Day 5

Maxed out the Takoyaki Eatery by making batches of 10 so as not to waste Flavor Pouch. Estimated earnings are now 176K a day. The rest of the flavor pouches were used to make Brothers Teppanyaki which allowed me to increase the Teppanyaki Eatery to level 7, increasing estimated earnings to 187K a day.

Day 6

Prepared x20 batches of Brothers Teppanyaki (plus extra Dream Rice Balls) which allowed me to increase the Teppanyaki Eatery to max level, leaving 17 Flavor Pouch for use. Estimated earnings are now 213.4K a day. The rest of the materials were used to make Hell's Oden.

The Shop

There are a few notable items in the shop.

SSR/SP Scroll - 498K
G6 Drums Realm Card - 48K
Skill Daruma - 188K
(4) 100 Jade - 28K ea.
(5) Mystery Amulet - 28K ea.
G5 Grade Daruma - 158K
G6 Exchange Amulet- 168K
(2)G6 Cyan Imp - 9800
Saury Swordsman (Skin) - 238K
Heian Food Fest Exclusive Frame - 60K