Fiery Chime | Onmyoji

Fiery Chime | Onmyoji

There’s a new event for mobile game Onmyoji called the Fiery Chime which features the new SSR Shikigami: Suzuhikohime.

You can access the event by clicking on the burning bell over Suzuhikohime’s head.

Fiery Chime

Showdown Bidding

Showdown Bidding requires gold coins and the amount varies by the type of rewards you are after. The player bids on the ‘winning’ team. Defeats do not refund Gold coins.

Peak Altar

Peak Altar uses Affinity Bells as its currency. You will get 50 daily. Explore Peak Altar and find the portal to the next stage. To advance a tile, you will have to engage in a fight or use the Seven Blades.

There are two special items. Divine Bell: Reveals information about every tile. Seven Blades: Destroys 4 random areas.

Every 5th stage, you will face off against a boss. You must destroy all the statues in order to significantly weaken the boss. A boss rematch costs AP. After beating the fifth stage, you will unblock a piece of the story.


It is possible to get a guaranteed Divine Bell in each stage. At the beginning, you will receive a Divine Bell. Do not use it since the initial stage gave you that bell by default, there will not be another. If you did use it, you can still complete quests in Illuminated Steps which will grant you a Divine Bell.

Use the Divine Bell on the next stage which will reveal another Divine Bell, the Seven Blades and the path to the portal.

If you are really stingy with your Affinity Bells like me, you will want to focus on getting the Divine Bell and the portal. I don’t find the Seven Blades particularly useful unless I’m in the 5th stage.

Following this this strategy, I have been able to secure 1-2 bells for the next stage, removing the guessing from the tiles and making the adventure far more cost-effective.

I’m on stage 10 and so far, there has been a bell on every stage.

If you don’t care about rewards, using Auto will skip all the extra tiles and take you straight to the portal that leads to the next stage.

Snow Realm Shrine

Snow Realm Shrine: Here you can read all the stories that you have collected.

Chimes in the Snow: These are unlocked while exploring Peak Altar.

Shrine Recollections: Official story chapters. Unlocked over time.

Mountain Tales: Unlocked by completing the story in Heavenly Encounters.

Heavenly Encounters

Heavenly Encounters: Random quests you get throughout the day will appear here and will award you Pine Pendant.

Burning Torch

Burning Torch: Unlock and upgrade special abilities using Inner Fire (gathered from Peak Altar and Heavenly Encounters).

The skills are labeled after emotions Joy, Fear, Hatred, Spite, Anger, Worry, Love.

There are only 4 slots to equip skills and Lv.5 is the maximum of any given skill. Each skill upgrade costs 5 Inner Fires with the initial 5 to unlock the skill in the first place. The next skill can only be unlocked if the previous skill has been upgraded to Lv.3.

Illuminated Steps

Illuminated Steps: A form of Talisman Pass. As your progress the event naturally, you will passively complete quests and be able to reap its rewards. There are 30 levels in total.

Fortune Shop

Fortune Stop: The shop is not particularly big nor are any portions of it locked.

Notable luxuries are: Orochi’s Skin: Shivering Shadow, wallpapers and event- specific frame.

Recommended Purchases:

SP/SSR Summon Scroll
(2) Mystery Amulet
G6 Drums Realm Card
(2) 100 Jade
G5 Grade Daruma
Skill Daruma
(2) G6 Cyan Imp

The rest is left to the discretion of each player.

Final Thoughts

In terms of my summoning luck? Horrendous but I’m glad to see the non-blurred backgrounds back!