Divinity's Doom | Onmyoji

Divinity's Doom | Onmyoji

SSR Izanami is the featured Shikigami for the latest update of the mobile game, Onmyoji. Annihilation Reborn As Eternity are the Memory Scrolls, Hail to Annihilation is the Summoning Event which will run from Nov 22 to Dec 3 and finally, Divinity's Doom is the live event.

To access the event, head to the Courtyard and click on the floating icon above SSR Izanami's head.

The event starts in Divinity's Doom and you'll spend most of your time in Aether Advent.

This is a server event. Players need to activate Ame-no-Habakiri Fields on the map with Susabi. There's [Main], [Side] and [Daily] fields. You get 60 Bonded Souls daily which you can use to perform various activities in the map. Click on the arrow > beside [Main] Field Activation. There are six Main Field Activation and five Realm Caves.

Failure to complete a challenge won't cost you any Bonded Souls; only when a challenge is completed will you lose any Bonded Souls.

Open the eye to reveal activities in the map. Switch between Easy and Hard mode. If you are going to do dispatch, maybe do only one as sending out 10 Shiki equals 10 Bonded Souls which is approximately 800 Defense points (assuming they are all G6). You can only do dispatch every 3 hours. Rewards will be granted immediately. I suggest sticking with Dispatch and Aether Defense if you can't get higher than a B when drawing in Warding Pattern. Realm Caves and Main Field Activation share the same quests. In order to claim one-time rewards, you

Main field activation  has three requirements:  Defeat 4/4 Nagas,  clear in 20 moves,  Defeat the challenge monster.

Main Field Activation Zones

Mt. Septem Field - Vampira
Omnious Land Field - Tanuki
Mt. Oe Field - Heartseeker Momiji
Heian-Kyo Field - Enenra
Arakawa Field - Maestro
Mt. Gloom Field - Kamikui

Realm Caves

Realm Cave - Heartseeker Momiji
Realm Cave - Tanuki
Realm Cave - Kamikui
Realm Cave - Enenra
Realm Cave - Maestro

Realm Cave and  Field activation both act as challenges.

  • Rewards are one-time completion only.
  • Challenging Nagas costs 6 AP as solo/team.
  • Opening chests: 6 AP (You get Apples)
  • Challenging monster: 30 AP
  • Each movement counts (includes opening a chest) but challenging a monster over and over doesn't count as multiple moves.
  • Be careful when using the portal to teleport because if it teleports you directly to the boss, you'll have to reset the level otherwise you'll have to challenge the boss again in order to get any rewards you might have missed.
  • You will receive 6666 Apples every time. I wonder if this is meant as a joke?

Daily Warrior Training: The rewards aren't worth the effort or AP in my opinion.

I waited for all the monsters to be unlocked and challenged them all in one day. Make sure you don't miss out on farming as this is a server event and once all tiles are occupied, all you can do is Dispatch every 3 hours.

Soul Promotion

After activating the soul, the Shikigami equipped with this soul will enjoy the benefits. This is mostly an overview of what each soul does and which souls are unlocked.

Chapter Finale

A collection of animations and side stories. These are some of my favorite screenshots from the event.

Annihilation Path

Annihilation Path is this event's Talisman Pass and these are some of the quests you can complete daily to advance.

  • Clear any 3 Divinity's Doom zones - 100 EXP
  • Daily Login - 30 EXP
  • Clear any 1 Divinity's Doom zone - 50 EXP

Destruction Battle

The Destruction Battle has started. Each challenge costs 12 AP and Apples will only be granted for the first 20 daily rewards (as long as the battle is still ongoing). Each challenge lasts 3 minutes. There’s also Total Damage for the typical rewards:

- 100M - 200K Coins
- 200M - 100 AP
- 300M - 20 Skin Token
- 400M - 2 Skill Daruma (Shard)
- 600M - G4 Realm Card: Drums
- 800M - 3 Skill Daruma (Shard)  
- 1B - G5 Grade Daruma

Co-Op Shikigami is available and there's a daily challenge of 200 times.

After Destruction Battle, Myriad Worlds will start where you will challenge different levels of Orochi. There's no time limit when challenging Orochi and each challenge costs 6 AP and you will get 3 Finisher Swords daily. You will receive Apples for every level completed. There are seven levels in total:

Memories I, II, II, IV, V , VI and Takamagahara: Final where you will face Aether Orochi. The final battle costs 1 Finisher Sword for each attempt. This is a server assembly event and there's a time limit of 20 minutes. You will receive SP Fallen God Orochi's special skin: SP True Red upon successful completion of the battle. Then, prepare yourself emotionally for the event's ending.

Aether Stash

Aether Stash is this event's shop and Apples are the shop's currency. The shop has 3 levels. Aobozu's special skin is Misty Monk. Notable purchases are up to the player's needs and level but some recommendations:

  • Grade Daruma
  • Skill Daruma and shards
  • EXP Daruma
  • Mystery  Amulets
  • SSR/SP Summon Scroll
  • Jade
  • Realm Cards
  • Cyan Imps and Evo mats.

If you are more interested in aesthetics or have extra currency: Event Skin > Skin Tokens > Event Frames

Final Thoughts

Update: In terms of the storyline, I hadn't reached the ending of the event yet when I wrote my final thoughts. The ending of the event made me a bit emotional. The culmination of the story, animations, music and even how the whole thing was presented was very powerful. I was certainly not expecting it.

I typically play through my phone but there was an error preventing me from accessing day 1. I had to play through my laptop. Not ideal. I had to reinstall the entire game in mobile to get rid of the glitch.

I found the event a bit lackluster, not to mention I had a surplus of Bonded Souls I could no longer use after all tiles were occupied and this happened during the 2nd or 3rd day. The challenges were both annoying and a major AP drain, especially if you plan to solo it. The illustrations were gorgeous, however, there wasn't much of a storyline so this felt more like a filler event. The special skin for Aobozu is beautiful so I am always happy for some cosmetic eye candy.

I did receive SP Bondweaver Enmusubi at the 60th summon so that's always a plus.

This is not exactly a beginner friendly event since it required a lot of AP plus the monsters were pretty powerful. If you don't belong to a guild that actively participates or you don't have enough Shiki to solo it, I don't see how a beginner could have participated. I remember when I was first starting out and even with my friend (Lv. 60) carrying me and having acquired a powerful DPS, I was still struggling.

Fortunately, I was able to get everything needed from the shop (including the loot boxes).