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Kingdom Hearts – Heartless

An incomplete bestiary from the game ‘ Kingdom Hearts ‘ detailing a variety of monsters known as Heartless.

Shadow: Heartless that emerge from various places. They sneak up to their enemies and strike them with sharp claws. They are extremely tenacious, often chasing their prey to the end.

Soldier: Heartless that emerge from various places. They are brisk in their movements and rush into their opponents. However, they are not that tenacious. They often appear in numbers, though they lack teamwork.

Large Body: Big round heartless. They seem tame and laid-back but go berserk when they are angered. With their brute strength, they can inflict great damage, so be on your guard.

Red Nocturne: Spellcasting heartless. While hovering about, they attack by casting fire. Having low HP, they keep their distance from their opponents, making them difficult to attack. They absorb fire attacks.

Blue Rhapsody: Spellcasting heartless. They approach their enemies by bouncing about and attack with blizzard and absorb blizzard attacks.

Yellow Opera: Spellcasting heartless. Besides attacking with thunder, they hurl themselves against their enemies. They absorb thunder attacks.

Green Requiem: Spellcasting heartless. They heal themselves and other heartless with Cure. They are slow moving but hover high in the air and absorb most magic attacks.

Powerwild: heartless resembling a monkey. With great physical strength and agility, they often strike with combination attacks. Avoid close-range battles with them if possible.

Bouncywild: Heartless resembling a monkey. Unlike Powerwilds, they attack from long range with a sling shot. They scamper about during battle, making them difficult to hit.

Air Soldier: Winged heartless. They fly over their enemies and dive to strike them. Their high endurance and quickness make them tough to beat.

Bandit: heartless of mostly appear in Agrabah. They can travel under the sand. They attack deftly with a long sword. Attack them with caution.

Fat Bandit: Heartless that mostly appear in Agrabah. They are well-balanced offensively and defensively. Besides strong physical attack, they use fire, and they block attacks against them. Their movement is their weakness.

Pot Spider: Ordinary pots turned heartless. They lie in wait as ordinary pots, then reveal themselves and attack when their enemies draw near.

Barrel Spider: Gunpowder barrel turned heartless. They charge into their enemies and explode. Any physical impact or fire will set them off.

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