Child of Light – Crafting Oculi

Crafting Oculi

There are three phases to crafting Oculi ( Using Sapphires (B) as an example to create a brilliant Sapphire ( which is a complete Oculi)

3 Rough Sapphires = Tumbled Sapphire
3 Tumbled Sapphires = Faceted Sapphire
3 Faceted Sapphires = Brilliant Sapphire

A rough guide on how crafting works is provided and the player is to follow this guide to get a basic idea on how to craft.

The first tip uses 3 rough rubies (R) to demonstrate the creation of a Tumbled Ruby.

R + R + R= Tumbled Ruby

The second tip tells us we can combine oculi (or colors) to create new ones and we are given the recipe for creating an Amethyst (P) and a Diamond (W)

Sapphire + Ruby = Amethyst
Sapphire + Ruby + Emerald= Diamond

Custom Oculi Crafting Recipes

These are some of the recipes I’ve acquired through experimentation alone.

Emerald(G) + Ruby(R) = Citrine
Sapphire(B) + Emerald(G) = Tourmaline
Citrine(Y) + Tourmaline(LB) + Amethyst(P) = Onyx

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