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Goken – Bestiary

An incomplete bestiary portraying the monsters found in Goken.

Cardicun: A very aggressive bird-like monster. They can’t fly but they can peck through steel.

Cornocrabs are usually harmless unless put under extreme stress.

Cyclops: These one-eyed monsters are feared for their ridiculous strength and horrific face.

Forest Fox:  An aggressive (but cute!) fox-like monster.

Gob: A human-like monster. Has the ability to speak the language too. Gobs are usually found committing petty crime.

Mega-Cyclops: A leader-ish Cyclops. Likes to dress better than the others and is better equipped, more importantly, aggressive.

Ploppy:  The leaves of Ploppys produce delicious soup stock. They don’t seem to be poisonous..

Norg: A thug who seems to be working for someone. He was told to find the lost Five Swords and stumbled on it in the Kinari Caves.

Phants live on fields and plains. They charge at everything they see within their very limited 30 degree sight.

Redshrooms are your ordinary mushrooms ..which began to roam around to find more protein. Completely harmless as long as you stay away.

Slithies can be found anywhere in the world. They are extremely tough, but not the quickest.

Stinger: These rock solid bee-like monsters usually travel in hordes.

Troccos: These newly evolved evil critters will use weapons with its front paws

Toppy: One day an overly obsessed farmer grew his produce with all his might.
This is said to be the beginning of Toppys.

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