FGO: Summer 2021 Las Vegas [Katsushika Hokusai]

FGO: Summer 2021 Las Vegas [Katsushika Hokusai]

This guide is written by a new player that managed to obtain Jeanne Alter + all of her copies by pure luck/persistence and is attempting the FGO: Summer 2021 Las Vegas. There’s no stamina optimization in place or clear-cut strategies for bosses. You can follow my progress and hopefully helpful tips to assist a new Master in their quest to getting a solid 4* Saber Servant.

When you first start the event, 4* Saber Servant: Katsushika Hokusai temporarily joins your party.


If you are just starting out in the game, work on 4* Saber Hokusai. The event revolves around her and therefore materials for skills and evolution will be more accessible (not to mention it is part of the missions). This is what I did to get Jeanne Alter, the event previous to this one and used Arash and 4* Saber Siegfried plus one overpowered support (from the provided list).

Make sure the Support’s NP isn’t grayed out or you won’t be able to use it.

It’s completely normal for your servants to die as long as the overpowered Support is still standing.

Mystic Code: Chaldea will be your lifesaver. Apply Evade when the enemy is about to use their NP in battle 3/3 to save the overpowered Support.

Take advantage of weaknesses in classes, Servant bonus, etc.

Purchase Crafting Essence as soon as you can to maximize your earnings.

Challenge VIP Fever Casinos when you have tickets (provided you know you can beat them)

Do not bet on Chance quests (2mil QP) unless you are 100% certain you can beat it. If you win, it will net you 4mil QP.

Some of the quests require that Hokusai be set in starting position.

Some content is time-gated.

Enemies are labeled [according to the mission]

You need to complete initial quests to unlock the rest.

You only need to ascend Hokusai three times to complete the missions. As the event’s featured Servant, Katsushika Hokusai gets double the Exp.


There are 3 types of currency in this event.

Miracle Playing Cards (MPC)
Lucky Dice (LD)
Dream Chip (DC)

Bonus CE

When you first start the event, only Midsummer Memories is available for purchase. You can acquire 3 copies.

Midsummer Memories: 200 MPC/200 LD/200 DC - Shop


Final Goal: Your goal is to complete 100 missions and keep at least the starting copy of Katsushika Hokusai so your investment won't be in vain.

You have 20 days.

Materials (for Hokusai) A general overview (as to not spend on other Saber Servants )

1-4 Ascension:
Shaved Ice (Acquired from Missions)

Gem of Saber
Magic Gem of Saber
Seed of Yggdrasil
Secret Gem of Saber
Shell of Reminiscence
Refined Magatama
Soundless Bell

Servants I own:
Lv.90 Jeanne Alter NP: Lv.5 8/2/2 [Update: 8/4/2] (Bonus Servant/Only DPS)
Lv.80 Siegfried NP: Lv.1 7/4/2 (Bonus Servant/Great Tank)
Lv.30 Mash (Bonus Servant/Excellent shield. Unlock Skill2)
Lv.1 Fuuma (Bonus Servant)


CE used:
Midsummer Memories (Battle) - I keep this on Hokusai as it gives her a bonus of 200% and raises survivability/utility.
Demonic Sun-Princess (Farming) - I keep this on all 3 backup Servants to raise the possibility of Bonus enemies.
Enma-Tai (Farming)

Day 1:

Obtained a total of 3,000,000 QP (Unlocks 1st Casino) and purchase Tanuki’s Letter of Challenge

Day 2

Obtained a total 25,000,000 QP (Unlocks 2nd Casino) which opens 07-30-2021.
Ascended Hokusai three times.
Mission completion: 25/100

Day 3

The 2nd Casino ‘Pharaoh Casino’ is now opened.

Guest Servant (100% bonus): Miyamoto Iori

Hokusai + CE: Midsummer Memories= 200% Bonus

*Note: You are supposed to lose the battle with the enemy dressed as a ghost that has invincible. A cutscene will play. Collect completed missions from the Event Shop.

Gildalay Hotel
1/4 Story/No battles
2/4 Support: Merlin (50% Bonus)
3/4 Support: Merlin (50% Bonus)
4/4 Support: Tamamo (Support) or Karna (DPS)

Goal: Reach 32,000,000 QP and acquire 5* CE: Demonic Sun-Princess

Farmed Pharaoh Casino
Support: Leonardo Da Vinci

Acquired 32,000,000 QP/CE: Demonic Sun-Princess

33/100 Missions completed.

Made adjustments:
Siegfried /CE: Demonic Sun-Princess
Mash /CE: Demonic Sun-Princess

Gildalay Hotel
1/4 Support: Achilles
2/4 Break the 1st bar
3/4 Story
4/4 1st pos: Hokusai
Guest Servant: Unknown
Berserker / Rider / Mooncancer

08/01 3rd Casino opens

Goal: 62,000,000 QP Points

VIP Casino unlocked in Pharaoh Casino / Fever Ticket

Farmed Pharaoh Casino to complete the Kings mission.

Las Vegas Strip
Lv.60 Carmilla is the only Servant you can use.

Acquired 62,000,000 QP Points from farming. 40/100 missions done.

Day 4

The 3rd Casino is now opened.

Gildalay Hotel
Support: Merlin (Caster)

Complete Mission No.7 [Obtain 66,000,000 QP Points] to advance.

Gildalay Hotel
Mooncancer/ 4 HP bars: 36,498
Support: Ruler Class
Use: Master’s Spell: Evade (when all 3 charges are filled)

Purchase Dragon’s Letter of Challenge - 100 DC

Gildalay Hotel
Support: Mordred (Saber)

Completing the battle unlocks the rest of the missions and Suiten Palace Invidia Serpens shows up.

Mission No.8 [Obtain a total of 70,000,000 QP Points]

Suiten Palace Invidia Serpens
Support: (Lancer) Karna/Tamamo-No-Mae are great here.
Farming: 3 rounds (70,000,000 QP) + complete some extra missions.
CE: x2 Midsummer Dreams | x2 Demonic Sun-Princess | x2 Summer Enma-tei (Support)

Claim all missions.

Suiten Palace Invidia Serpens
1/2 Support: Mordred
HP: 2,582,500 (You do not have to finish the boss off. Just keep hitting it until the battle ends.)
2/2 No battles

Third Casino: Unlimited Figure Works
1/2 Support: Mordred
2/2 Support: Merlin

Third Casino: Sword or Art
1/3 Support: Tamamo-No-Mae
Concentrate on taking out the Rider Servant but be aware he applies Guts when his HP reaches 0.( He does this 3-5 times so be prepared for it. KingProtea doesn’t use NP when her charge is full but do apply Evade when the Rider Servant’s charge is full. Battle ends when you defeat Rider.)

2/3 Support: Passionlip
[Set Support to Starting Pos.]
KingProtea’s HP: 3 Mil (Don’t worry, BB takes her out in one hit.)

3/3 Support: Mordred
Hokusai must be set to starting pos.
Lancer 81,263/100,000
Hokusai + Mordred can break the 1st bar. Boss casts Invincible but nothing complicated.

4rth Casino opens 08/03 and is unlocked by completing Mission No.9 [Obtain 90mil QP/Reward: Demonic Sun-Princess]

Complete [Defeat ‘Loved Ones’ Servants] mission to unlock Bets by the Saints in the Hotel.

Guest Servant: Amakusa Shirou
HP: 257K

51/100 Missions Completed

Day 5

Casino DE Rakuichi Rakuza is now opened.
Guest Servant: Lambda

Casino DE Rakuichi Rakuza
Support: Merlin
Hokusai must be set to starting position.
*Boss gains charge immediately but you can survive their NP using Invincibility.
2 bars of HP: 90/100K
Jeanne’s NP + Merlin’s enhancement (3rd skill should be used on your DPS) can wipe out the boss’ 2nd bar.

Casino DE Rakuichi Rakuza
Support: Okita J. Souji
Boss HP: 151,593 (Foreigner)

Claim all your missions to unlock a side-quest.

Gildalay Gold
No battles

Notable Missions
[Requirement to unlock the 4rth Casino which opens on 08/05]
Obtain 120,000,000 QP/ Void’s Dust

Defeat 20 small Oni-type enemies/ Fool’s Chain x5
Unlocks: Defeat 40 Small Oni-type enemies. / Homunculus Baby x5

Defeat 10 Rider-class Servants / Magic Gem of Berserker x5

Complete 10 Casino DE Rakuichi Rakuza (Beginner, Regukar, VIP) quests (excluding Fever)/ Gem of Berserker x5

Complete all ‘Beginner’ quests (excluding Fever) / Fever ticket

After completing all the missions above, Jeanne Alter is now Lv.4 in Fallen Witch A+

Day 6

There were 2 missions for me to claim, already completed.

No.61 Obtain 800 Lucky Dice as battle drops. / Void’s Dust x5

No.62 Obtain 800 Miracle Playing Cards as battle drops./Dragon Fang x5

61/100 missions complete.

Cirque Du Requin
Guest Servants:
Caster/ Merlin (If you have a DPS)
Sabers/ Hokusai (bonus ATK), Siegfried (already owned) and Nero
1/2 HP: 7/35/7K
2/2 Shortest/Longest charge: Jack > Jeanne > Nursery HP 71/70/70K (AoE works best. I used 2 Siegfried here.)

Missions ready to be claimed.

No.30 Defeat 40 Fan Club Member-type Enemies. / Egg of Truth x5

No.96 Complete 30 Missions. / Arts Code Opener x1

Missions unlocked

No.11 Obtain 130,000,000 QP Points to unlock the Fifth Casino / Mana Prism x100

No.77 Complete 10 Cirque Du Requin Beginner/Regular/VIP Quests (Excluding Fever)/ Magic Gem of Berserker x5

63/100 missions complete.

Gildalay Gold - Shark! Older Sister! Mother!
Guest Support: Foreigner/Hokusai
Boss: HP: 251K/Berserker
If using Jeanne Alter, make sure to cast Invincible/Master’s Evade; Equip with a CE that gives her 50/60% NP at battle start.

Las Vegas Strip - Shark! Older Sister! Mother!
Support: Siegfried/Saber (I am using 2)
Boss: Lancer/HP:107K/152K
Invincible & Evade recommended.

Purchase a Letter of Challenge from the Event Shop/ Costs 100 MPC.

Cirque Du Requin - Arts Mother vs Power Sister
Guest Servants: Foreigner/Hokusai or Merlin (Shield all allies with Invincible)
Set Hokusai to Starting pos.
There are 3 bosses. HP: 43K 43K 70/103K (Plan of attack: Berserker > Lancer > Archer
Use Invincible when Archer is ready to use her NP and quickly finish her off. (I accumulated 3 NP attacks)

Missions Completed

Defeat 5 ‘Super Giant Enemies’/  Forbidden Page x5 (Unlocks quest: Lullaby of the Defeated)

Gildalay Gold - Lullaby of the Defeated
1/2 Guest Servant: Jeanne Alter
Boss: HP: 16K
This is a very easy boss so take advantage of the Guest Servant bonus.

2/2 Guest Servant: Achilles (AoE NP)/Invincible (self)
2 Bosses: 133/126K

Missions Unlocked

No.12 Obtain 170,000,000 QP Points to unlock the ‘Sixth Casino’ which opens (08-07) / Aurora Steel x5

Completing mission No.12 was a bit of a pain in the ass, requiring multiple farming stages of Cirque Du Requin’s VIP Stage (1.5-2 mil) / Big chance (4mil QP + SQ (to revive once) and returned 8mil)

Day 7

Casino Camelot is now open.

Casino Camelot
No battles

Missions ready to be claimed
No.32, 45, 48, 78, 80 & 97

73/100 Missions completed.

Las Vegas Strip - Professor’s Proposition Pt.1
No battles

Missions unlocked

No.13 Obtain 175,000,000 QP Points to unlock the ‘Sixth Casino / Demonic Sun-Princess

Claimed mission No.13 after a few rounds of farming.

Las Vegas Strip - Professor’s Proposition Pt.2
No battles

Missions Unlocked
No.14 Obtain a total of 180,000,000 QP Points / Homunculus Baby x5

Claimed mission No.14 after a few rounds of farming.

Las Vegas Strip - A Round Table to a Round Table
Guest Servant: Siegfried
3 Bosses: 123,981/78,786/105,204
*Jekyll turns Berserker after his NP, making him considerably more vulnerable but far more formidable.

Missions Unlocked
No.15 Obtain a total of 185,000,000 QP Points/ Black Beast Grease x5

Claimed mission No.15 after a few rounds of farming.

Gildalay Gold - The Goddess’ Whim
Support: Gilgamesh (Archer)
3 Bosses HP: 81,744 144,372 74,688
*Berserker applies Guts to himself 1 time.
Order should be Berserker (weakest) > Saber > Saber
*Try to use someone like Gilgamesh for their AoE and take out the two Sabers immediately after the Berserker.

76/100 Missions completed.

Purchased Letter of Challenge 100 DC

Casino Camelot - Showdown, Aloha Three Knights (Part 1)
Guest Servant: Skadi (Caster)
Boss HP: 150,007/153,468 (Archer)

Casino Camelot - Showdown, Aloha Three Knights (Part 2)
Guest Servant: Miyamoto Iori
Boss: Saber (HP) 151,681/152,830

Casino Camelot - Showdown, Aloha Three Knights (Part 3)
Support: Gilgamesh
Boss: Saber 151,270/152K

Casino Camelot - Decisive Battle! Summer Lion King!
Support: Jeanne D’ Arc (Alter)/Avenger
*Set Hokusai to 1st position.
Boss/ Ruler: 106,967/110,023/140,585
*Boss uses NP every time her bar breaks. Boss’ Invincible can be overridden after a certain amount of hits. / Master’s Evade/Invincible works in this fight.

Missions Unlocked
No.16 Obtain 200,000 QP Points / Egg of Truth x5

Claimed mission No.16 after a few rounds of farming with Fever Casinos.

77/100 missions completed.

The finale opens 08/09

Day 8

Casino Camelot - Final Fight: Western Ganryu-Jima
1/2 No battle
2/2 Guest Servant: Unknown
Hokusai must be set to 1st pos.
Boss has 3 bars: 103,275/121,500/106,550
*Musashi can break the 2nd bar(if you can preserve her until then.
*Invincible/Evade are recommended. (Mash has invincible on her 2nd skill/Master’s Spell has: Evade.
Party used:
Hokusai 1-1-1 | Merlin 1-1 | Musashi Hokusai | Merlin | Jeanne Alter 8-5-1

Missions ready to be claimed
No.18 ** Final Fight: Western Ganryu-Jima** / Tsukumo Mirror x5

Gildalay Hotel - All Settled
No battles

Gildalay Hotel - All Settled (Bonus)
No battles
Reward: Katsushika Hokusai officially joins your party.

Gildalay Hotel - All Settled (Bonus 2)
No battles
Reward: Profile update

Gildalay Hotel - Underground Swordbeauties Match
No battles

Missions ready to be claimed (unlocks extra quests)

No.35 Defeat 90 ‘Human’ Enemies / Secret Gem of Lancer x5

No.38 Defeat 60 ‘Wild Beast’ Enemies / Secret Gem of Caster x5

No.43 Defeat 20 ‘Super Giant’ Enemies / Tearstone of Blood x5

No.46 Defeat 40 Dancing Coins / Secret Gem of Archer x5

No.49 Defeat 20 Dancing Coins (Bonus) / Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou x1

No.60 Defeat 40 ‘Lawful’ Servants / Warhorse’s Young Horse x5

No.63 Obtain 800 Dream Chips as battle drops / Tsukumo Mirror x5

No.66 Defeat 30 ‘Balanced’ Servants / Tearstone of Blood x5

No.70 Defeat 30 ‘Loved One’ Servants / Warhorse’s Young Horse x5

No.72 Defeat 30 Servants with LUK A or higher / Midsummer Memories

No.81 Complete all ‘VIP’ quests (excluding Fever) /A copy

No.91 Raise Katsushika Hokusai to Bond Level 3 / A copy

No.94 Put Katsushika Hokusai (Saber) in your party and complete quests 20 times. / Brush of A Mad Painter (CC)

No.98 Complete 70 Missions / A Copy

No.99 Complete 90 Missions. / Spitron Dress: Celebrity on Ice

That’s 3 copies. The final copy can be found in Gildalay Hotel.

Gildalay Hotel - Glasses No.1
1/1 Bosses (2): 23,994 / 37,587
Only Siegfried can participate.
Order should follow: Lancer > Caster
You should be able to finish in 2 turns.

2/2 Saber Servant: 84,616
The Saber lands devastating attacks so take him out first. Siegfried’s NP can wipe out half of Lancer’s HP bar. Then, it’s just a matter of finishing her off.
Reward: Katsushika Hokusai Copy

-- This concludes the event if your sole goal was Katsushika Hokusai (Saber) + all copies.--


Underground Swordbeauties Match

Cirque Du Requin - Hunter of the Aegean Sea
Support: Assassin/Alter Ego
(Rider) Boss: 262,680 x2
*Boss has AoE on his NP and applies Evade (10 turns) after first break. Watch out for Invincible gimmick.
Reward: Crystallized Lore

Himeji Survival Casino - The Splashed and the Furious
Support: (Foreigner) Katsushika Hokusai
(Berserker) Boss: 156,825/369,000
This boss is easier than the one above. Equip Evade/Invincible or both. The NP is a finisher for any allies so NP seal is also recommended.
Reward: 4* ATK Enhancement Fou

Missions ready to be claimed
No.19 Defeat 3 Underground Swordbeauties / Quick Code Opener
unlocks No.20: Defeat all Underground Swordbeauties (3/7)/ CC: Mage of Flowers

Casino Camelot - Decapitating Bunny
Boss: 252,270 / 301,322
After first break, increases the rate of Death Chance.
*Invincible + Evade /
Party A Jeanne Alter | Merlin | Gilgamesh
Party B Hokusai | Mash | Siegfried
Reward: Wardrobe Key

Suiten Palace Invidia Serpens - Lifeguard
Support: Tamamo-No-Mae (Lancer)
Boss (Archer): 221,977 / 302,697
*Boss has AoE on his NP so if you apply Invincible/Evade before he attacks, you should be fine.
Reward: Wardrobe (Musashi Summer Mode)

Pharaoh Casino - Grand Olympic: Athlete
Boss (Lancer): 256,958/268,817
Support: Hokusai
*Jeanne is able to decimate bar 1 and nearly 2. At critical point, shield all allies with Invincible.
Hokusai survives (Guts) then the other enters the fight. This is enough to finish him off.
Reward: 4 Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou

Casino DE Rakuichi Rakuza - Kiddo CEO
Support: Tamamo-No-Mae (Lancer)
Boss (Archer): 200,813 / 325,666
*Watch out for his devastating NP which charges in 3 turns.
*It is possible to charge Jeanne Alter (Berserker)'s NP fully by using a fully uncapped Demonic Sun-Princess CE (50%) + Skills 2-3 (70%), a Support like Merlin (90%) and finally, Master's MC: Mage's Association Uniform (Skill 2) 100% + buffed it up to 200-264K+ by using Tamamo-No-Mae (Lancer)
Reward: CE: Demonic Sun-Princess

Missions ready to be claimed.
No.20 Defeat all Underground Swordbeauties / CC: Mage of Flowers


Emperor Hotel - Royal Amusement
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)/Passionlip
85,124 / 85,124 / 153,948
Jeanne Alter | Merlin/Mash | Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) can easily tackle the Boss + minions

Resort Hotel - Recollections: Antique Poppyshow
Guest Servant: Zhuge Liang
Boss (3): Archer (86,430) / Assassin (133,890)/ Berserker (134,694)
*Archer & Assassin are both NP charged at the start of the fight. /Shield all allies.
*Using both Merlin/Zhuge Liang, it is possible to charge to full NP in 1 turn. Concentrate on Berserker once you survive Archer & Assassin's NP

Illegal Casino - Swimsuit Shinsengumi
Support: Tamamo-No-Mae (Lancer)
Boss (Archer): 355,285
*Boss has Guts (3x) but isn't an issue if you can survive her AoE NP.

Missions ready to be claimed.
No.41 Defeat 120 "Demonic" Enemies. / Secret Gem of Berserker x5

No.68 Defeat 30 'King' Servants / Black Beast Grease x5

Gildalay Hotel - Even or Odd, Sink or Swim
Support: Merlin
Bosses: (Berserker) 180,432 / (Assassin) 163,614
*Pretty straightforward battle, especially with 2 Merlin.

HIMEJI Survival Casino - Even or Odd, Sink or Swim
Support: Merlin/AoE NP
Boss (Assassins): 115,426 / 243,456
Rewards: Spirit Root x1/Tearstone of Blood x1/ Shell of Reminisce x1 / Deadly Poisonous Needle x1

Big Ferris Wheel - The Skyscraper is Sakura Pink
No battles

Missions ready to be claimed.
No.82 Complete all quests (excluding Fever/Big Chance) / 4* Atk Enhancement Fou


I will not be attempting Big Chance: All In! as it costs 50,000,000 QP and the previous stage to this one, costed me 3 SQ to clear.

Update: I did attempt Big Chance: All In! and managed to beat it. It wasn't so bad but it did cost me 1 Crystal.

Missions: 100/100

The event is now finished but it's still possible to purchase from the shop. Overall, I preferred this event structure compared to Jeanne Alter's Revival: Lite as it was simple, straightforward and timed-gated which prevented massive burnouts.