Battle in New York 2021 | Fate Grand Order

Battle in New York 2021 is the latest update for the mobile game: Fate Grand Order. It is mostly a farming, time-gated event; great for stocking up on skill/ascension materials.

Note(!): Since I'm still new to the game, my roster of Servants is very limited. I own:

Lv.70 Caster/Merlin 1-2-1 NP:1
Lv.90 Berserker/Jeanne A. 8-8-2 NP:5
Lv.70 Saber/K. Hokusai 4-1-2 NP:5
Backup Servants
Lv.80 Saber/Siegfried 7-4-2 NP:1
Lv.30 Shielder/K. Mash 3-1-1 NP:1


KoH Lottery Ticket 2021 - used to exchange prizes in KoH Lottery

Used to purchase Event Items:
Double Muscle Burger
Strong Dog ZERO
Wild Fries V

Bonus CE

Scenic Beauty - Increase KoH Lottery Ticket 2021 amount per drop by 1.
Jewel Bride - Increase your ATK strength by 100%


When you first enter the event, you are greeted by two quests. Tackle the Revival Scenario first. It’s short and rewarding.

Revival Scenario: A New Battle
No battles

Revival Scenario: Before the Awards Ceremony
Boss: Archer HP:52,640/72,380
Full-charge after Break and unleashes NP right away.
Rewards: (3) Heart of Foreign God /(1) Holy Grail

Next, we can proceed to the main event. Completing Opening Ceremony will unlock a series of farmable quests.

Main Event/ Street: We Heart NY
Support: Archer/Gilgamesh
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

Main Event/ Club: Who’s No.1?
Support: Lancer/Ereshkigal
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

Main Event/ Gym: Beleaguered Divine
Support:Foreigner/K. Hokusai
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

Main Event/ Arena: Shining Lancers
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

Main Event/ Garden: Skyscraper Carol
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

The strategy for day 1 is simple enough.

Beat all stages (exempting Ultra High Difficulty) to collect a Golden Apple from each quest.

Farm enough currency to purchase the Event Shop's Crafting Essence: Scenic Beauty

KoH Lottery Tickets
Spins: 1x (2 Tickets) or 10x (20 Tickets)
A set of 10 random prizes will be gained, taking them out of the list. Reset the list once you have claimed the Grand Prize (if nothing else is of interest)

Lineup 1-5: CE: Jewel Bride
Lineup 6: Crystallized Lore
Lineup 7: Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou
Lineup 8: Hero Crystal: Corona Fou
Lineup 9: Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou
Lineup 10: Hero Crystal: Corona Fou
Lineup 11: No Grand Prize but prizes can still be reset once you claimed everything.

Ultra High Difficulty is suited for advanced players. You can't use SQ/Revive/Same Servants.

The next main event quest opens 09-05-21.

My current strategy is 3 Servants have equipped Scenic Beauty (+3 Bonus Tickets per drop) with my main Saber Servant: K. Hokusai equipped with Jewel Bride (ATK Strength increased by 100%)+ my friend's support has Scenic Beauty uncapped (+2 Tickets). In total, I get 5 bonus KoH Lottery Tickets per drop which amounts to 88-96 KoH Tickets per farming round. I'm farming Main Event - Arena: Shining Lancers and the enemies never get past my first lineup which makes farming easy and greatly optimizes stamina.

09-05-21: The main event is now opened.

Main Event - Autumn Invader
Support: Lancer/Ereshkigal
Gilgamesh has 4 bars but you only need to break 2. HP:66,564/110,940

Age of Ishtarin
No battles

New farming stages are unlocked.

S. Main Event - Street: Super Diet from Hell Leo & Ere
Support: Mordred (AoE)
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

S. Main Event - Club: Revival of the Argonauts, First Half
Support: Ishtar (Gilgamesh is also great). AoE Servant is preferred.
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

S. Main Event - Gym: Hack ‘n’ Slashplosion
Support: K. Hokusai
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

S. Main Event - Arena: Revival of the Argonauts, Second Half
Support: I went with a Berserker but this really depends on your current Master level, roster of Servants, etc.
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

S. Main Event - Garden: NY Tourist Group
Support: Ishtar
Rewards: QP/Event Currency/(1) Golden Apple

Assuming you have a decent DPS, farming Gym: Hack ‘n’ Slashplosion is pretty easy.

Support: Caster/Scathach-Skadi 10-10-10 [+2 bonus KoH Lottery Ticket]. All you need are her skills.

My main Servants:
Saber/K. Hokusai <= main DPS
Berserker/Jeanne Alter

Running these two casters can easily get Hokusai to charge her Noble Phantasm to 100% in 1 turn.

The next main event opens 09-10

Main Quest - Battle in New York 2021 is now opened.
Support: El-Melloi II
Boss HP: 87,204/116,272
Jeanne’s NP can break the 1st bar.
Boss can cast invincible.
Jeanne was able to pulverize her 2nd bar with a full-chain.
Reward: (3) Reactor Core of Dawn

Only the Finals can be farmed and these stages are infinitely better in drops/rewards.

For all of these stages, grab a support equipped with Scenic Beauty +2 to maximize earnings + befriend to access their NP.

I suggest farming Finals - Garden: Avatars of Wisdom until the end.
Support: Ishtar (AoE)
Rewards [Per drop: CE: Scenic Beauty (I was able to get 2), Tsukumo Mirror, Ghost Lantern, Secret Gem of Saber, Gem of Saber and Saber Monument.
Drops: KoH Lottery Tickets

My current setup for the final stage: Support:Ishtar (+2 Scenic Beauty) | Merlin (Scenic Beauty) |  K. Hokusai (Jewel Bride) | Jeanne Alter (Scenic Beauty +2) | Siegfried (Scenic Beauty +1) | Mash (Not high enough Master lv. to equip CE)

I reserve Invincible and all Noble Phantasm for stage 3 of the fight. NP order: Ishtar > Hokusai

This gives me a bonus of +6 tickets (per drop) which roughly equals to 125 tickets per round.

Update: The stage before the final one also has decent drops. The previous stages might also but I concentrated on farming these two only.

Finals - Arena: Valkyries Out for a Hero
Support: Nero Claudius (Bride)
Rewards [Per drop]: CE: Scenic Beauty, Cursed Beast Gallstone, Aurora Steel, Secret Gem of Lancer, Magic Gem of Lancer, Lancer Monument.
Drops: Double Muscle Burger & Wild Fries V

This was a great farming event. I got to Lineup 20 before stopping. No Golden Apples were used (only bronze and silver).