Hero Battle: Freesia Story | Exos Heroes

Hero Battle in Exos Heroes: Freesia as the special hero

Hero Battle

There's a new Hero Battle and you have 13 days to complete it. Like the previous Hero Battle, you get a choice between two heroes. If you manage to get enough points (350), the final reward is a copy of the chosen hero.

One-time battle completion gives you 20 points + 1 clock (valuable). You can challenge a Hero three times a day which means +60 Story points but only receive a clock once a day.

Hero Mileage +20 Story Points

Challenging a hero requires a hero battle pass. You get 3 passes which reset daily but don't accumulate.

The hero list refreshes every 13 days.

This month's selection is between Freesia (Legendary) and Amedon (Rare). Keep in mind that Exos Heroes gives value to most, if not all characters. I chose Freesia since I already own a copy of her.


In order to accrue 350 points, you need to complete the max Hero challenges (which is 3) for 6 days (if you want to finish as quickly as possible) but do remember you have plenty of time.

Freesia Story

Hard Mode: The Power of Friendship / Appearing enemies: Rudley / Guardian Stones: Nature / Light / Fire

Chosen units to make this battle quick and simple (but feel free to improvise):

Uloom, Iris, Anastasia, Sabrina and Rera. (All have Non-Fatecore except for Iris and it is the default Fatecore everyone gets)

You can auto it. Rudley doesn't have any minions or crazy mechanics. His Guardian Stones are: (3) Nature (3) Light (1) Fire

Don't reserve special attacks so you have a chance of breaking one/two stones if lucky.

You also want to concentrate on lowering his HP bar even before he breaks since you want to make this battle end as quick as possible.

You should be able to break him and destroy him in one go.

You will receive +20 in Hero Mileage + 1 Clock.