Season 3: Blooded Rhapsody | Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes Season 3 Update: Blooded Rhapsody brings with it many rewards. Among those rewards, there's a Gold Fatecore Selection Ticket and a Day 7 Exclusive Weapon Selection Ticket so players have a tough decision to make in regards of what to choose from. In this post, we will take a look at what's available and what are the best options to choose from as f2p.

When you first login, there will be many rewards waiting for you.

The first part of the reward contains forging, blessing and experience materials. 8 Mu have also been included.

Next up, 3100 Xes, 40 Nation Recruit Tickets, 130 Dyes and 1,400,000 Gold

Gold Fatecore Selection Ticket

When you choose to receive your Gold Fatecore Selection Ticket, the selection window will open and you’ll be presented with all the Gold Fatecores available.

It can appear overwhelming to players that are just starting out, blinded by all the possibilities at their disposal but we need to ask ourselves a few questions. . .

As f2p, which unit will prove most useful in the long run? How can we maximize our profits?

First, we need to take in account what is currently taking place —which is season 3 of Eternal Bonds: Bathory & Rachel.

The current Eternal Bond features the two Generals available for bonding. As Generals, they can take advantage of Signature Force which provides additional buffs such as elemental damage for transcended Generals.

Taking into account the current bond, my suggestion is to prioritize Bathory or Rachel. If you acquire their Fatecore, you also receive a copy of that hero plus an additional copy for completing Eternal Bond. The additional copy will allow you to unlock Signature Force.

Descendant of Spirit Bathory (Top-tier unit. Useful for all content. Protects your team from death one time.)

Executor of Battlefield Rachel: Great single-target DPS. Gets to attack again if target dies via turn reset.)

For players that already own one of the aforementioned Fatecores or both, suggestions include:

Rood Zeon

Marinehawk Rera (Strong, balanced DPS even without her Fatecore. Useful for all content.)

Dignified Tantalo (Part of the Banga Family. An excellent, top-tier unit for PVP.)

Holiday at the White Ocean Iris (Strong support unit, able to cleanse DOT and debuff effects, dispel barriers, etc.)

Most Gold Fatecores are a game-changer, providing utility and usefulness for all content or specialized content. It is up to the player to evaluate their specific needs when making a selection.

Day 7 Exclusive Weapon Selection Ticket

The Exclusive Weapon Selection Ticket is a no-brainer. Every weapon has identical stats with the only difference being that the combat power bonus gets applied to that specific hero.

For an easier overview of exclusive weapons, head to Fatecore > Journal > Exclusive

(!) Do not hit purchase or you’ll find yourself missing 20,000 Xes.

You’ll be presented with an extensive list of exclusive weapons.

I’ve listed a few:

Bathory: Undine Aquarium
Rachel: Shadow Reaper, Noble Justice
Iris: Summer Bracelet
Tantalo: Justice Buffalo
Rood Zeon: Titan Slayer
Rera: Daybreak

Final Thoughts and Results

I started playing on Christmas of 2020 and not once did I receive Bathory, normal or otherwise. Bathory is a very desired unit, proving her usefulness even without her Fatecore but along with Rachel, they're the hardest to roll for. I picked up her Fatecore and exclusive weapon on Day 7 and PvP/PvE became a much smoother experience for me. Eternal Bond will be commenced once I am done bonding with Dorka.