Eternal Bonds Season 8: Gold Fatecore Selection | Exos Heroes

Eternal Bonds Season 8: Gold Fatecore Selection | Exos Heroes

Eternal Bonds have always been a fantastic way to acquire Fated heroes. This time, there's the choice of a gold Fatecore and its corresponding Fated hero. The only catch is dedication and perseverance as it requires a 30-day login period.

Overview: Rera Marinehawk

Focus Fire 3 (Passive)

Afflicts target with the Focus Fire mark and decreases Dodge/Block for 1 round on basic attack. Gain Mana (1 mana) if target dies while marked. Gain Mana (1 mana) if Health of target is at 70% or more.

The Great One: [Over Time Effect] Grants the The Great One mark to the 4 highest Attack hero in the same row as self If an ally with the The Great One mark is attacked it grants the Dragon's Blood mark (only once per turn, excludes damage from Wrath).

Dragon Blood: If the marked target is attacked again while the mark is activated gain Dragon Blood +1 (Max 7) If the marked target doesn't take a hit for 2 turns lose all Dragon Blood marks.

Wrath: Once every turn, upon taking damage, allies marked with Dragon Blood will Counter dealing 50% damage for every Dragon Blood mark on them.

Dragon Scale: Once every tum, upon taking damage, grants a barrier of 100% of own Defense for each Dragon Blood mark to all Dragon Blood marked allies for 10 turns (can't be stacked).

Guardian Star: [Mark] Increases Attack Speed by 32 and Accuracy by 100 when the battle begins (removed when Health drops below 5%). Restore 100% of Health when the Tranquil effect is removed.

Starlight Showers (Active)

[Single] Deals 300% damage to 1 enemy. [Mark] Reduces the target's Accuracy / Evasion by 100 (removed when the target takes damage) (Self) Grants Status Effect Immunity to self for 12 turn(s) (Bite!] If you're marked with Tranquil, deals 50% additional damage for each mana the targets have.

Galactic Baptism (Active/Burst)

[All] Deals 124% Piercing damage to all enemies. [Mark] Reduces the target’s Accuracy / Evasion by 100 (removed when the target takes damage). [Bite!] If marked with Tranquil, deals 50% additional damage for each mana the target have.

Rera pairs well with Bathory (FC & Non-FC) as they possess Tranquil and other allies that are part of the First Guardians theme.

Overview: April Millennial Star

First Aid 2 (Passive)

Grants Heal (100% of Attack) to an ally if they take damage and their Health drops under 20%. Gains Mana (1 mana) if the caster’s Health is at 20% or less when triggered.

Sound Fever: [Mark] Increases Attack Speed of all back row allies by 5 if any, living or dead, enemies are Disheartened at the start of every turn (resets upon moving to the next wave).

Encore Stage: [All] Heals 100% Health to all allies upon dying.

Fan Service: [Over Time Effect] Disheartened front row enemies receive 40% increased damage and all damage against the targets are applied as Piercing damage.

Little Star: [Special] At the beginning of a round, reduces received damage by 10% for each living ally except the caster (reduces up to 40%).

Music Wave (AoE)

[All] Deals 127% damage to all enemies. [Status Effect] Afflicts target with Silence for 6 turn(s) if the target is Disheartened.

Stage Star

[All] Heals all allies by 19% of own maximum Health. [Cleanse] Cleanses all debuffs and damage over time effects on all allies. [Special] Heals 10% additional for each mana on the target.

April pairs well with Rachel (FC & Non-FC) as he possesses the Dishearten ability.

Which to Choose?

April is suitable for endgame when you already have Rera Marinehawk (all uncaps + Fatecore fusions) otherwise it’s a no brainer on who you should pick.

Rera is a staple for PVE/PVP whereas April only has specialized healer functions. Without a decent tank, a healer won't help you advance.