Destiny Child | World Boss: Formal Gentleman Methuselah

The latest update from Destiny Child Global is World Boss Trial: Formal Gentleman Methuselah featuring Alchemist Methuselah wearing the Formal Gentleman Methuselah skin.

World Boss

The World Boss this time is a Water type Debuffer with a tedious kit (like our previous Ragna Break)

Roaming Traveler/ Tap Skill
Targets 4 enemies/Highest HP: 80% chance to inflict Freeze (Skill Gauge Charge Speed/Amount decreased and DOT debuff damage increased) for 14s and inflict Poison (deals 1300 Damage each time a target acts and bonus damage when taking damage) for 3 turns.

Regressing Second Hand: Slide Skill
Targets 5 Poisoned enemies: Inflicts Water Balloon (Deal 2300 damage upon being attacked, Skill Gauge reset if attacked 2 times) or 28s pass) and inflict Watersnake (Skill Gauge Charge amount -40% and deal 1200 damage when attacked by Water type enemies(+40% damage against Fire type, -40% damage against Wood type) for 12 seconds.

Twisted Timeline/ Drive
Deal 2590 damage to all enemies in the front row. 1400 Bonus damage and 70% chance to inflict Time Alteration to enemies with time-based buffs for 16 seconds.

Boost Child

The two Boost Childs for this World Boss event are: Bespoke Hel (60%) and Self-Deprecating Navi (30%)

Trial Missions

These are mostly passive and carry decent rewards. Complete 13 missions to obtain a copy of 5* Alchemist Methuselah.

Magic Mirror Shop

There are some notable items on the list worth considering (but not the full list):

100,000: Alchemist Methuselah x1
200,000: Alchemist Methuselah x1
200,000: Formal Gentleman Methuselah
100,000: Blind Faith Luin x1
200,000: 5* Child Ticket
300,000: Core Lucky Boxes (AMP ATK/DEF/AGL/CRT)
30,000: Big Aurora Heart x1
60,000: Big Aurora Heart x1
90,000: Big Aurora Heart x1
120,000: Big Aurora Heart x1
200,000: 5* Prism Soul Carta Ticket x1
300,000: 5* Prism Soul Carta Ticket x1
400,000: 5* Prism Soul Carta Ticket x1
50,000: Galaxy Napping Place x1
75,000: Galaxy Napping Place x1
10,000: Onyx x5000 (resets daily)


Core Lucky Boxes (contain cores used during ignition. End game, mostly.)

Galaxy Napping Place: Fodder for Prism/Soul Carta.

Big Aurora Heart: 5* Evolution Material.

What to purchase?

Beginners: Concentrate on the 5* Child tickets as you need to expand your Child pool. Blind Faith Luin is a World Boss Debuffer staple and will serve in this and future World Boss Trials to come.

Mid-End game: Lucky Core Box, Prism Soul Carta, Evolution Childs, Prism/Soul Carta fodder. Extra: 5* Child Ticket, 5* Childs (based on preference/needs)

Note: There's minimal difference between a Prism Soul Carta and a Soul Carta so make smart purchases based on your needs.


Notes: Replace attackers with what you have available. Mix and match and don’t forget to try different approaches in Practice mode first. Run your final team composition several times to test for consistency. World Boss should be played at 1x speed for best results.

Here’s a general guideline of Childs you can use for this World Boss.


Knight Daphnis
Bespoke Hel
Realm Annie
Bomb Mech Commander (Must be fully ignited to be of any use.)
Fire Abaddon
Underground Siren


Fire/Tragedy Rusalka
Light Sytry
Wood/Maid Sytry
Newbie Mona
Bikini Lisa
Wood Venus


Oracle Werewolf
Sunbeach Mona
Hypocrite Babel
Lan Fei
Blind Faith Luin
Wood Bathory
Composed Midas
Altered Davi


Lost Maat (Healer) / Heals all. Critical to World Boss for survival.
Pomona (Healer) / Heals and cleanses.
Other: Pallas/Erato/Bast (Heals/Cleanses) Note: A 4* such as Erato requires high uncaps to function as intended. Lv50-60 recommended for survival.

My Team Composition

I don’t own Lost Maat or the current Boost Childs but my team setup still gets 1 million per round consistently which is more than enough for the casual player not looking to whale, not having enough resources, etc.

Note: Most of these units are either Lv50/60 and are fully awakened.

Dana +2 > Chang’e +2 > Light Sytry > Wood Bathory > Zooming Mars > Virupa > Siren +1 > Neptune +2 > Pantheon > Leo +3 > Sunbeach Mona > Serket +3 (fully ignited) > Newbie Mona +2 > Lovely Leda +1 > Maid Sytry +3 > Midas +1 > Thisbe > Hypocrite Babel +1 > Pomona +1 > Healer Leda +5

Ideally, you want to use Lost Maat (healer) instead of Leda as she can provide regen to all units.

Drive order: Sunbeach Mona > Newbie Mona > Maid Sytry > Pomona (Optional)

Hecate's Missions

Complete Hecate’s Missions to earn 400 Crystals in total. Don’t worry about the (small) amount of gold as the mission practically pays for itself.