World Boss: Bodyguard Argos

World Boss: Bodyguard Argos

General Tips

Ideally, choose 2-3 attackers

Supporters and Debuffers should be at the frontline.

Keep healers and attackers on the back.

Soul Carta/Armor/Uncaps help with survivability

Boost Child

30% Justice Incarnate Mafdet
60% Warmhearted Mercury (New)

The new Child replaces Composed Midas at +2 for Fire World Boss and (all elements) if ignited 8/12

Team Composition

Attackers: Eve (Full Ignition needed), Serket, Justice Incarnate Mafdet, Unknown Thanatos, Virupa.

Crit Buffer: Vanguard Lupin/Aimless Pantheon (Crit Rate/DMG+) (Lupin is preferable if you have her as she power creeps Pantheon without any uncaps.)

Survival: Lost Maat (Regen for all), Zooming Mars (Shields all)

Debuffers: Sunbeach Mona, Hypocrite Babel, Oracle Werewolf, Warmhearted Mercury, Self-Deprecating Navi, Lady Bathory, Blind Faith Luin

Supporters: Summer Davi, Newbie Mona, Tundra Giltine, Sweet Sytry, Runaway Thisbe, Incubus Leo, Tragedy Rusalka, Maid Sytry, Hardworking Neptune

Personal Stats

My Team Comp

(2-4 mil/5 mil sometimes): Depends on luck/Boss percentage.

Both Serket and Neptune survive until the end so Argos never gets to the back row.)

Any Child marked lv.1 will be farmed over the weekend to lv.50 but even with a few Childs at lv.1, I’m dealing the damage marked above.

Front Row: Lv.60 Serket (Attacker) +6/Full Ignition
Lv.60 Lady Bathory
Lv.60 Newbie Mona +3
Lv.60 Siren +1 (Placeholder)
Lv.60 Chang’e +3
Lv.60 Ophois (Attacker)
Lv.60 Neptune +4 4/12 Ignition
Lv.50 Incarnate Justice Mafdet +1 (Attacker)
Lv.60 Maid Sytry +4/5 (Not all skills are maxed) 1/12 Ignition

Back Row: Lv.50 Navi / Lv.50 Summer Davi / Lv.1 Mercury / Lv.1 Oracle Werewolf
Lv.50 Sunbeach Mona +1
Lv.60 Vanguard Lupin
Lv.50 Zooming Mars +1
Lv.60 Pomona +2/3 (Lost Maat is preferable but I don’t have her)
Lv.1 Giltine
Lv.50 Hypocrite Babel +1

Final Thoughts

Verdict: This World Boss is pretty easy. For once, I have no complains.