Ragna Break Season 14: Endless Valentine | Destiny Child

Ragna Break Season 14: Endless Valentine of Destiny Child is the continuation of Peppy Pakhet’s Narrative Dungeon where Master is trapped in an endless loop inside a Dream world. It features Lv.40 Ragna Boss: Agape Serket and the duration of the event is 14 days.

Ragna Break

Ragna Break works differently from World Boss and instead of 20 units, you only need 5. You challenge dungeons (Story or Raid) to summon a level 1 Raid Boss all up to Lv.40.

There’s a Raid Summon Ticket you can use to summon a Raid Boss up to 5 times. Resets daily.

Use the Booster 10 times daily to double the rewards you receive.

Raid List

Raid List shows Raids in progress, either summoned by you or friends as well as failed Raids.

When you summon a Lv.30-40 Boss, you have the option to select  Support or Call. Support will notify all your friends in-game to come and assist you whereas Call will summon the Slayers.

If you’ve dealt over 1% damage to the boss, once defeated, it will level up.

Raid Story

Raid Story works like Narrative Dungeon. There’s a cutscene and a battle at the end. Rewards received include Ragna Coins.

> Each stage costs 6 Stamina and 25 Ragna Coins are required for unlocking the next stage.

> If you complete all the Raid dungeons with 3 stars, you can claim the 1,000 Crystals as a reward.

Raid Shop

Raid Shop has a fixed amount of rewards that you must purchase before you are able to claim the final reward. The first reward is always generous as it contains the featured Child, in this case, Anxious Serket. There are 5 rewards in total.

> The 1st reward will summon 5* Anxious Serket.

> The 2nd reward is Lovely Ribbon.

> The 3rd reward is Lovely Cuffs.

> The 4rth reward is Lovely Headdress.

> The 5th reward is Anxious Serket.

The final reset after the 5th reward includes an additional copy of Anxious Serket, a selective skin (rare) box containing Endless Valentine skins (for Serket and Sytry, respectively), a 5* Child ticket and a daily cap of 5 platinum chests.

Ragna Mission

Ragna Mission contains a list of missions that can be accomplished during Ragna Break, ranging from participation to dealing damage, etc.

There are 39 Ragna Missions and if you complete all 39, you’ll receive a copy of Anxious Serket.


To become a Slayer, you must discover a Lv.40 boss and defeat it. Once you defeat the boss, click on Slayer Raid on the Raid List page.

A prompt will appear informing you that you can now assist other players when they call for Slayers help.

Slayer Raid

The Slayer Raid shows a window where current raids in progress are displayed. You work alongside other candidates and receive Slayer Points based on the amount of tries made. You can claim up to 20 chests daily.

Slayers Rank

You can check your Slayer Points here and if you click on Reward, you will be shown your Damage Rank, Slayer Points and Tries.

Rank is based on Slayer Points, not competition.

Rewards are sent out after Ragna Break ends after maintenance.


The first few days should be spent grinding Raid Story dungeons to summon and defeat Ragna bosses. The end goal is to summon a lv.40 boss and defeat it so that you can become a Slayer.

Once you become a Slayer, you’ll have access to other player’s Raids which means you won’t have to grind the Story dungeons to summon a boss. Ragna Coins will be easier to collect and you'll have access to opening a lot of platinum chests.

Platinum Chests can contain special skins pertaining to the featured Child. For example, I received two Serket spa skins (one used for spirit) and the rare skin Agape Serket. I also received a 5* Child though mostly 4* which went straight into the Onyx grinder.

My team composition for beating all Raid Dungeons with 3 stars + Ragna Boss Lv.40.( Childs are lv.50-60 but contain few to no uncaps.) : Maid Sytry (Leader) | Neptune | Underground Siren | Newbie Mona | Aimless Pantheon

Some popular Childs to use in this Ragna Break:

Maid Sytry (leader)
Underground Siren
Newbie Mona
Risk Taker Annie
Bikini Lisa
Lady Bathory
Hard working Neptune (Support)
Aimless Pantheon
Bombing Mech Commander (3* A powerful unit at high uncaps and ignition. Cheaper to ignite as it requires 3* Child copies as opposed to 5* and 1 core to fully ignite.)