Ragna Break: Midsummer Night's Dream | Destiny Child

Ragna  Break: Midsummer Night's Dream | Destiny Child

The latest update Ragna Break: Midsummer Night's Dream features Lord Juno as the lv.40 Ragna Break Boss as well as Lady Tiwaz as the featured (boost) Child. Notable rewards include: Fancy Tiwaz, a special costume for Lady Tiwaz.


Lady Tiwaz is now a staple for Dark Ragna Break/World Boss so try your best to pull for her as she is a guaranteed Child (15 pulls required if you have horrendously bad luck).

Don't bother with the Moonlight Artemis banner (unless you are end-game and have plenty of crystals to burn) as it isn't a guaranteed.

Even if you are still a new player, try to participate as much as you can. The Brownie Missions (Onyx) typically appear at the end of the Ragna season but they have been available since day 1 so take advantage of that!

Overview of Boss Skills

Level 40 Boss: Pleading Juno | Light Debuffer

Tap: Deal damage to 2 allies (Electrocuted) | Drive Gauge Charge Amount & Skill Gauge Charge Amount -30% for 2 allies (Highest ATK) for 14s if Electrocuted.

Slide: Deal damage to 3 allies (Buffed), inflict Electrocution (DOT, 20% Bonus Damage to a random ally and a chance to decrease Skill Gauge when attacked) for 14s. Fortitude to self (cancelled after 120s or 25 incoming attacks)

Drive: AoE Damage and absorb Buff on 3 buffed allies (removes 1 buff on target) and increase EVA to self for 50s

Leader: Debuff RES +40%/Debuff Duration Cut -60%/ All Skill DEF +70%. Unable to use Focus (+ACC and 100% CRT) buffs.

Team Composition

Supporters: Neptune | Dark Semele | Lupin | Lady Tiwaz (Leader) | Tragic Rusalka | Maid Sytry | Newbie Mona | Runaway Thisbe

Attackers: Moonlight Artemis (Leader) | Ophois

It's a test of who's the fastest. Juno's slide can negate your damage and fever to 0 which, while it's an annoying gimmick, he isn't terribly difficult.

The team I'm using: Lv.50 Moonlight Artemis +1 | [4/12] Lv.60 Neptune +6 | Lv.50 Lupin | Lv.50 Tiwaz (Leader) | Lv.50 Dark Semele| Damage output: 3-4 Mil. This team can one-shot Lv.1-38 Bosses. Lv39-40 requires 2-3 counts.

I found that my (unignited) Lv.60 Ophois+3 was doing poorly compared to my (unignited) Lv.50 Artemis +1. In terms of leader, I prefer speed over the extra punch that Artemis delivers as leader. Waiting for the weekend to farm all these Childs to Lv.60

SC: Starry Stage (Artemis) and random HP/DEF Soul Carta for the rest.

Update: I made some investments/farming over the weekend. Team now looks like this:

Lv.60 Artemis +2| Lv.60 Dark Semele | Lv.60 Tiwaz | Lv.60 Lupin +1 Damage output: 5-6mil

SC: Starry Night

SC: Deep Sea Rendezvous (Artemis) <- This gave me a tremendous boost.

Slimes can be killed in one shot. I didn’t encounter any weird issues.

Personal Stats

I was able to summon Lady Tiwaz in 4 pulls. Not the best but the loss wasn't major.


I have mixed feelings about this Ragna Break. On one hand, Lord Juno is one of the easiest boss we have encountered in awhile but on the other hand, I would be dealing massive damage if not for the way he negates it. I've noticed that this Boss also requires the speed to be set to 1 or even 2 for all the attacks to land properly and as a Slayer, speed is everything. There's also inconsistency in damage depending on the day, hour, etc. which I find frustrating. All in all, this was a pretty decent event.