Narrative Dungeon: Allez! | Destiny Child [KR]

This event was a bit difficult for me because I just got started in [KR] Destiny Child (less than a week) which is drastically different from Global. Some Childs have different skills, elements, are heavily outclassed, etc. If you are just starting out too, it's still possible to tackle the latest Narrative Dungeon: Allez! Prioritize story mode as that will give you a surplus of crystals fast. Maupin is the Boost Child and she adds a 30% increase to your rewards. You can get by using her in your team composition to farm the dungeons. Lovely Bradamante is the 3rd reward in the event. It is possible but tedious to grind stage 5 or 6 on normal (without maxed lv.50 unites) and get enough Gloves to get Bradamante. RGN God was not on my side and I had to get every single item on the grid. Leave it overnight, be mindful of your stamina use.

You do not need to reach Lv.50 to awaken your units and with enough armor, weapons and Souls Cartas, you should be able to survive the normal stages.

Prioritize your resources on a healer such as Maat for sustainability (which you will get when you are fist starting out), Dana as a defender and Chang'e as a puller. When I first started grinding the dungeons, I didn't even have an attacker on my team, mostly support and debuffing units and it was still doable.

The Hard mode of the Narrative dungeons will reward you considerably, especially with both Bradamante and Maupin in your team but it's not worth the stress if you are still too new to the game. Manual play might be required in Hard mode.

There's a current 3% Banner which features 4 Childs, one of them being Brownie (Supporter) and Mars (Attacker). Ideally, you want to get Brownie or Mars as Pakhet (Defender) is excellent but PVP oriented. I was able to pull 3 Snowfall Mars from the banner.

Credits: Translation patch for skills, menu, etc. as well as numerous tier lists, general help, info, etc. can be found in the international discord for Destiny Child. If you are just starting out, it's a good place to start there. / Graphics were done in Photoshop CS. Game assets are from Destiny Child and used strictly as a game guide.