Mother Heket World Boss & Pakhet’s Narrative Dungeon: Deja Vu | Destiny Child

Destiny Child’s latest update features a new World Boss Season Trial: Recurring Dream, three new Childs: Temptress Heket, Sweet Leda and Peppy Pakhet. There’s a Narrative Dungeon, a Wheel of Fortune and Limited-Time Missions.

World Boss

We’ll begin with the World Boss Trial: Recurring Dream. The World Boss for this event is Mother Heket, a Wood type Healer.

Let’s take a look at her skills as a World Boss.

Versus her skills as a Child.

An example of a team composition for World Boss.

Using the boost Child, we can enjoy 60% increase in our reward, 70% if uncapped +1, 80% +2, etc.

Important Pointers

To participate in World Boss, you need at least 20 units.

It is a server-type event that lasts 1 week.

The currency used are Mirror Fragments which you can get from the World Boss trials or various missions prepared for the event.

You are not expected to finish off the boss or deal massive damage, especially if you are just starting out.

Participation goes a long way and there are also cumulative rewards at the end of the day based on the total damage dealt to the boss.

Sometimes you can receive Childs or Soul Cartas from a World Boss Total Reward.

World Boss Tickets regenerate every 1 hour so check hourly or every 6 hours to make use of your tickets.

Use Trial Again once you’ve reached your highest score. Resets daily.

Make use of Practice Mode as many times as necessary instead of wasting tickets needlessly.

The Shop

Now, let’s look at the [Magic Mirror Shop] for this particular World Boss event. We can get 2 copies of Temptress Heket for 100,000 Mirror Fragments and 200,000 Mirror Fragments. Prioritize grabbing both copies or at least one, along with Sunbeach Mona, which costs 100,000 Mirror Fragments and is great for most content types.

Summon Banners

There are three new Childs as mentioned previously. You can grab Temptress Heket from the Magic Mirror Shop. Sweet Leda and Peppy Pakhet can be acquired from their respective guaranteed summon banners. You can also get a copy of Peppy Pakhet by grinding the Narrative Dungeon.

Let’s look at Sweet Leda’s skills.

Next, we’ll look at Peppy Pakhet’s skills.

Sweet Leda took me only two pulls and I was lucky enough to get an additional copy for uncapping.

Once you receive the featured Child, the summon banner expires.

Peppy Pakhet took me 5 pulls to summon but I also received her Spa Skin: Hot Spring Pakhet for meeting the conditions in the Premium-Summon Limited-Time Missions: Mission 1.

Narrative Dungeon

Let’s take a look at the Narrative Dungeon: Deja Vu.

You can access the Narrative Dungeon from the Event Dungeon list.

The story this time around features a visual novel style with options to choose from.

The dialogue also matches the chosen theme.

There are 8 stages to complete. An Easy and Hard mode as well as first-time completion rewards.

Each dungeon costs 30 Stamina so keep that in mind as you progress.

The currency for this event is Sweet Love Letters

The Boost Childs are Peppy Pakhet and Flower of Justice Mafdet

Dungeon List

Once you beat a dungeon, depending on the number of stars received from completion is how many cards you can select.

The initial clear reward is 3,000 Sweet Love Letters.

Narrative Missions

Try to complete the Narrative Missions every day.

Clear Narrative Dungeon 1 time > 4,000 Sweet Love Letters

Clear Narrative Dungeon 2 times > 4,000 Sweet Love Letters

Clear Narrative Dungeon 4 times > 4,000 Sweet Love Letters

Clear Narrative Dungeon 8 times > 4,000 Sweet Love Letters

In total, that’s 16,000 Sweet Love Letters a day.

Narrative Collection

The shop for this event is the Narrative Collection. There are 8 rewards and the 8th reward repeats until the event ends.

The way this works is a bit of like dice-rolling, a gamble. You use Obtain x1 or Obtain x5 to begin rolling. It can land on any of the 9 slots, numerous times if there are 15 items in one slot but if it lands on the main reward, you have a chance to reset it and head for the next reward.

The last time I had to complete all 9 slots for the 1st reward but I was lucky enough to clear the second, third and fourth reward in a single hit (so it’s not impossible.)

You have several days to try your luck.

Let’s look at the rewards.

1st: Pakhet’s Chocolates | 2nd: Pakhet’s Jacket | 3rd: Cat Ears Headband | 4rth: 5* Summon Ticket | 5th: 3-5* 10x Summon Ticket | 6th: 5* Prism Soul Carta | 7th: Peppy Pakhet | 8th: 3-5* 10x Summon Ticket

Limited-Time Missions

Next, we’ll look at selective Limited-Time Missions. The Child Training Missions are worth it if you have the resources for them.

Hecate’s Limited-Time Missions should be prioritized. They cost little gold and reward 400 Crystals in total. Elizabeth’s Limited-Time Missions can be completed passively.

Wheel of Fortune

Finally, we’ll look at the Wheel of Fortune, which features interesting rewards.

The Wheel of Fortune uses Chips as its currency.

There are four missions you can complete which refresh every few hours. You can also complete Elizabeth’s Limited-Time Missions. There are 8 missions in total.

Once you have acquired 100 or 300 Chips, you can spin the wheel. The rewards you can receive are random but you are guaranteed to get a reward every time.

Here's a list of the rewards  you can expect to receive:

2020 5* Fire Child Spa Skin Lucky Box (Random) | Lanterns | 10 Towels | Superior Cartoonish Meat | Superior Stylish Glasses | Superior Unusual Feather | Superior Matryoshka Doll

I have already received (2) 5* Fire-based Child Spa Skins from the Wheel of Fortune. I only used the 100 Spin.

Wrapping up, even if you are a beginner, don't be hesitant to participate. Destiny Child is very generous with its rewards and f2p friendly.