Lisa’s Extra Lessons 2021 | Destiny Child

What are Lisa's Extra Lessons and why should you care? This is a rare but easy event that will allow you to get several Childs fully uncapped and with their skills maxed out.

There are 7 lessons in total but keep in mind, these lessons will unlock with the passing of the days.

Lesson 1


-Fight 3 battles in story mode
-Use 30 stamina in total (tied to the first requirement )

If you don’t own her, I would strongly go with Lost Maat, capable of shielding all Childs during World Boss. As for the rest, it really depends on your needs. I am a little weak in the fire department so I went with Courtesan Bathory.

Lesson 2


-Level up any Child to Lv.10
-Level up a skill on any Child

My picks for lesson 2 were Wandering Elysion and Singing Bast.

Lesson 3


-Extract Onyx
-Awaken any Child to D class

My picks for lesson 4 were Timid Freesia and Militant Hercules.

Lesson 4


-Sell items to get 500 Gold.
-Fight 5 battles in Story mode in any difficulty.

My picks for this lesson were Lady Bathory and Athena. I've been wanting Lady Bathory for a long time.

Lesson 5


-Fight in the Night World's Material Dungeon.
-Fight in the Night World's Underground on any difficulty.

My picks for lesson 5 were Abandoned Creature and Artisanal Calchas.

Lesson 6


-Go on a Night's World exploration in any area for any time
-Go on a Night's World exploration for 3 hours in any area

My picks for lesson 6 were Hotblooded Agamemnon

Lesson 7


-Join 3 Devil Rumbles in the Night World
-Win a Devil Rumble in the Night World

My pick for lesson 7 was Runaway Thisbe because she was the only one I didn't own. However, if you don't have Hardworker Neptune or Newbie Mona, I would highly suggest going for either of those.


Grade is the final lesson or the accumulation of all the completed lessons. Getting an A+ means that you can claim 4 rewards (which include a 5* Element-based tickets). This is great for newer players but as a veteran player, I got 3 dupes out of the four tickets.

It was still a great opportunity since I was able to acquire valuable uncapped (+6)/fully maxed Childs that I did not have.