Bookmarks, Book magnets or both?

I went to HobbyLobby recently and picked up my first book magnets. Curiosity mixed in with how aesthetically pleasing they were. I’ll be the first to say I don’t use traditional bookmarks. Anything and everything serves in a pinch- bills, checks (not particularly a good idea) and even carelessly folded blank paper. When I do use bookmarks, they are usually the ones forgotten in a library book.

More or less, I know from experience, how handy traditional bookmarks can be but when you read too many books at the same time (like I used to), it became inconvenient to purchase one every time. I’ve learned my lesson.

Now, after using book magnets with my current read, The Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo, I must admit that I don’t love them. Aesthetically pleasing ? Yes. Colorful? Yes. Durable? Possibly- but they don’t beat the simplicity of a good ol’ fashioned bookmark.

What do you prefer? Bookmarks or Book Magnets?

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