Review of Onyx Bathhouse's Bath Bomb

This review is my own opinion put together about a product I purchased, in this case a bath bomb.I recently got into bath bombs but my first experience wasn’t a positive one. The bath bomb I purchased was very pretty but also speckled with glitter. I personally detest glitter. It was very hard to get off myself and the tub. Was it pretty? Very. It was mesmerizing that my bath water could look so… magical.

The packaging was aesthetically pleasing but a bit harder to get into (or maybe I’m weak). It had two layers of plastic wrapping.

It was inexpensive but I can’t remember the price from the top of my head.

Smells pleasantly of coconut (no lavender) up close but once it was in the bath, I could detect no scent?

The water turned a light blue but it certainly didn’t leave any ‘Wow‘ effect.

It left my skin feeling soft and smooth.

It definitely had a calming effect. I suffer from stress and regularly take baths that soothe me.

Do I recommend the product?

Pretty inexpensive, visually pleasing and overall soothing effect. If you happen to come across the product while browsing ? I’d certainly get it or if you want something subtle. Would I go out of my way to purchase this product? Probably not.

For a product to register in my mind, it either has to be very colorful (pastel-like) or smell amazing. This was neither. It only left me with the impression of ‘.. Well, this isn’t bad.” Or “.. It’s nice.”