Renpure Haircare Products | in Beauty

Renpure Haircare Products | in Beauty
I tested Renpure’s haircare products for a few months and this is what I have to say about it.

About the Company

Renpure is a plant-based beauty company. “We use gentle, plant based cleansers with carefully chosen ingredients to create nourishing, safe formulas for all our hair and body care products.”— Renpure

Initial Thoughts

What drove me to purchase these products was a necessity to eliminate itching, buildup and flaking.

Products Tested

Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub Tea Tree Lemon Sage Shampoo (Advanced Extra Strength) Tea Tree Lemon Sage Conditioner (Advanced Extra Strength) Tea Tree Lemon Sage Scalp Scrub Tea Tree Lemon Sage Scalp Serum The scalp scrub and serum might have been pulled from the market or too new. There was nothing mentioned on the website and I couldn’t find them at Walmart, Target, etc. It is available in Amazon but that’s not where I purchased it from and therefore I can’t vouch for it.

How to best use the product?

This depends on your hair length/thickness. A generous pump was used when it came to the shampoo and scalp scrub. For the scalp serum and conditioner, a dime-sized amount was sufficient. It is a 4-step process. You start with the shampoo, followed by the scalp scrub. The scalp scrub is meant to be used as a shampoo cleanser and you begin from roots to tips. After that, you rinse thoroughly and use the serum and finally, the conditioner.

My Thoughts

Positive points: Plant based. Gluten free. Not tested on animals. Packaging is mint-green against bold, silver lettering. Very aesthetically pleasing. The shampoo is richly-scented with a light formula that is not shy to cause powerful lathering. Gives a sensation of fresh and clean. The serum is also very light and doesn’t feel greasy on the scalp. The texture of the scalp scrub is as the name implies, resembling a sugar scrub that is very pleasing to look at. It also smells amazing. It is meant to exfoliate and eliminate buildup. Renpure Scalp Scrub Tea Tree Lemon Sage V2 This is how the texture of the scalp scrub looks like. There are all sorts of different scents available. I tried the apple cider vinegar scalp scrub (as mentioned) and the tea-tree lemon sage one. Negative Points I suffer from eczema and I found the scalp scrub to be very harsh on inflamed skin. I was able to withstand the product maybe for a few seconds. With that said, the friend the recommended it to me (with the same situation as mine) did not experience any negatives with it. In fact, it significantly reduced the itching sensation and removed all the buildup dead skin. My mother (who does not suffer from eczema) also had a positive experience. She has claimed the apple vinegar scalp scrub for her own, declaring that it leaves her scalp free of residue and clean. The shampoo did leave my hair clean at first but after a month or so, I noticed that the effect had declined. The conditioner was too light of a formula and it did not feel like it was sufficient hydration for my hair. I have no negatives regarding the serum. It is gentle on the scalp and does what it is supposed to do.
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