Send to Kindle Not Working/Stopped Working Fix

Send to Kindle Not Working/Stopped Working Fix
Although you may be greeted by the ‘ Content will be uploaded to your kindle soon’, it may never arrive. If that’s the case, I suggest using Calibre (Free) to send out your kindle documents.

Will I still be able to Sync Progress, Highlights etc?

The short answer is yes. Calibre maintains the book format (.mobi, .azw., .prc) as well as keeping your embedded fonts and text align, etc. Note: The format must be .mobi or KF8, also known as hybrid files. AZW files are not supported to send via email but there’s a workaround. Convert your book to the .mobi format using Calibre and choose ‘both’ instead of old or new. This will output a .mobi file that acts as .azw, retaining format and publisher fonts, etc. when shared via email.

Your Kindle Account

First thing’s first. Let’s set up device synchronization as well as other settings to ensure smooth sailing. Login to your Amazon account and head to:

Account > Manage Your Content and Devices > Settings

Device Synchronization (Whispersync Settings)

Make sure this is enabled.

Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings

Here is a list of your personal kindle email addresses. You can use any of the ones listed there. I personally use the same one:

Approved Personal Document E-mail List

Here is where you can whitelist a particular email you own and plan to send from so it won’t be marked as spam. Personally, I use something along the lines of

It is important to have this settings defined because we will be making use of them in Calibre later on.

Send to Kindle Service + Calibre

Launch Calibre. If it’s your first time, you will be taken to the Welcome wizard (which can be launched at any given time). If not, head over to preferences > sharing books by email.

Add email: Define your send to kindle email. In my case, and where it says: send email from: Type your personal whitelisted email address. In my case: Typically, it’s not necessary to fill out the mail server information. You can test the service by clicking on ‘ Test email’. The output will be something like: Email successfully sent. You will receive an error from Amazon since you didn’t actually sent anything!

So there you have it. If Amazon is no longer letting you send out .mobi, .azw, etc. Try Calibre! There really is no reason not to use it. This is a free and robust software and while it can be a learning curve, it makes the reading experience much better. Calibre has other functionality not detailed here, such as plugins for hyphenation, multiple book format conversions, being able to extract highlights, etc.

VPS – Change your Password

When you first set up your account, you are given a temporary password for the root user. This password is often insecure and short. Most setups require that the user changes their password upon first login but this isn’t always the case. If this is the scenario you find yourself in, follow along this quick and easy tutorial. Read more

Compulsive Gambler – First Impression

I thought it would be a boring sort of manga as gambling it’s not something I’m personally interested in. However, the gambles taking place at Hyakkaou Private Academy are not ordinary. You might loose your status and be subjected to cruel bullying, or you might just have your nails ripped out in some sadistic bet against a rich schoolmate. What is interesting about this manga is not just the absurd and sometimes inhumane bets but the opponents themselves. They have all gone through extremes in order to cheat, even to the point of piercing their own hands to keep the trick going.

The manga is titled Kakegurui or Compulsive Gambler for a reason as the main focus of attention, Yumeko Jabami is an impulsive gambler. Sharp and astute, she relies on pure intelligence and madness to win. When she first transferred, she was challenged by Mary Saotome as tradition. She was to become a house pet which is the title used for those who loose in gambling and can not pay back their debt.

The manga revolves around gambling but the games are always changing and so are the rules. The women in this manga go from cute and attractive to downright frightening, often reduced to sobs or rage. Yumeko rarely looses her nerve and unlike her opponents, she relies on pure tactic and luck, and the thought of loosing a considerable sum or even remaining fingerless for the rest of her life is exciting for her. Perhaps, the most dangerous person the main character encounters is Yumeko herself who is shown not only to be an astute gambler, but also sadistic.

This manga falls under psychological, shounen, drama and school life. The art is detailed. The women are well endowed and there are plenty of panty shots but that’s just fan service. The focus is the game and how much a person is willing to risk and loose.

This is an ongoing manga but this was my first impression based on what I’ve seen so far.